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How Hadrat Ali Became Caliph????

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    How Hadrat Ali Became Caliph????

    Dear Brothers whatever you read below isn’t any cut n paste from any website. Although I am Sunni but here I am not preaching anything these are facts which I have collected from major History books. Sometimes Shias might think it is supporting them and at occasions Sunnis will think the same, but its not to support anybody, as it is pretty neutral.

    After the death of Hadrat Usman, there wasn’t any Caliph for three days(few say 5 days) and rebels were openly wandering around in Madina, “Ghafaqi” from Egypt one famous name from the rebels.

    Then Hadrat Talha and Zubair, with a group of Muhajars and Ansaars, approached Amir(I will use this word for Hadrat Ali ) in a garden called “Bani Umar”

    Talha—We are here to talk to you that we need a Caliph to run the country
    Amir—O Talha I don’t like Caliphship, whoever is chosen by the majority, I will be happy with him.

    Zubair—O Ali we can’t see among us any body better than you(then he explained Amir’s Fazeelats)
    Ali refused again. But Muhajars and Ansaars insisted. Ali agreed at last and said....
    Amir-It wouldn’t be secret, I will announce it in the Mosque…..So every body went to Masjid-e-Nabvi.
    Ali was wearing Tahband and one sheet on his shoulders, Imama which was half silk half wool and had his shoes in his hands.

    Now Bait starts……Talha was the first one(one of his hand wasn’t working due to a wound which he had gained during defending Prophet in war of Auhad)…..on this occasion Habib Bin Zohaib said “Most first Bait is one handed, this task doesn’t seem getting anywhere”
    Then Zubair Did the Bait.

    This is one side of the picture according to following History book

    Some has quoted that they were forced to do Bait.( I will discuss this later)

    After them Saad-bin-Abi Waqas said “O Ali don’t worry about me, I will do later, I wouldn’t cause any harm to you”
    Ali—Let him go, I am not bothered

    Abdullah Bin Umar answered same
    Ali—I want you to present somebody to give guarantee on your behalf …but Abdullah Bin Umar refused.

    Malik Bin Ashter Nakhei(former Sabai leader, but did toobah) stood up and said—O Ali let me behead him

    Ali—Let him go, I give his bail.

    Malik Bin Ashter—O Ali you are always very soft

    From Muhajareens, other than these two, Abdullah Bin Salaam, Suhaib Bin Sanaan, Usama Bin Zaid, Qudama Bin Mazoon, Mugheera Bin Shahba didn’t do Bait.

    From Ansaars
    Hassaan Bin Sabat, Rafah Bin Khadeej, Muslima Bin Mukhla, Abu Saeed, Muslima Bin Noman, Ibn-e-Bashir, Zaid Bin Sabat, Fadhala Bin Ubaid, Kahb Bin Ahjra and Salmah Bin Daqsh didn’t do bait.

    No body from Bani Ummeyyah did Bait
    Noman Bin Bashir took the shirt of Usman and fingers of Nailah to Syria. Hassaan Bin Sabat followed him to Syria as well


    to be continued.....