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    Salaam dudes and dudettes
    I have a dilemma
    I an avid enthusiast of Qawwali music
    sometimes it seems to put me in a semi-trance
    in fact it inspires me to be even more religious
    it helps me learn some Islamic History
    I do read the Quran everyday... I do pray 5 times a day
    I try to be a very pious muslim
    yet this dilemma of being in a trancentic state
    by listening to qawwali is puzzling me
    I feel it is good since it inspires me to be better
    then I am informed by someone that it might
    not be good.... please help me with this dilemma.

    Mu Hu Hahahahahaha!
    "Quote the Mu,"NeverMu!"

    there are 2 schools of thought about music itself. 1 says its haram the other says it's not haram as long as it is not getting in your obligatory duties and is with in islamic limits.
    I follow the second school.
    anyhow back to ur question..i have heard Qawwalis. some are good but some are full of shirk. It depends on the lyrics on what they are saying, some of them have some hidden form of shirk in them.
    eg,instead of praying to Allah, they pray to Hazrat Ali or Prophet(saw)..which is shirk again.

    All is the Beloved and the lover is a veil
    The Beloved is alive and the lover is dead (RUMI)


      Yep...some qawallis are good which really take you into a trance, and only that qawalli effects you which is really based on pure love not on music, I like Sabari brothers in that sense.

      But Qawallis took a very bade name since late Nusarth Fateh Ali's style which was pure music.

      And thats right some Qawallis are full of very bad, insulting words. Some make an excuse that these are spiritual things commons can't understand it. That might be right but if coomons can't understand it or interpret wrongly then why sall we make them public?

      I prefer to listen Naaht.



        The qawwali I listen to is Sabri Brothers
        the old ones w/Ghulam Farid Marhoom
        stuff like tajdar-e-haram savere savere
        saqia aur pila
        stuff like that
        when a qawwali non-aficionado listens to the
        later one
        it might be a misinformant cuz its talking bout
        drinking and stuff like that
        but if one listen to the entire song one understands
        that that "alcohol" is in fact is faith in
        God and Islam... so it intoxicates one forever
        relieves the problems.... then he says
        he wants the same type of alcohol that
        Hazrat Hussain drank at Kerbala... meaning he
        wants as much devotion as him.
        well thats it dudes.. and dudettes

        Mu Hu Hahahahahaha!
        "Quote the Mu,"NeverMu!"


          Dosto, Qawali is a style of singing.
          The words can be religious, romantic, political, parody and funny , etc.

          So in my other post I tried to understand the position of Islam on Naat and Qawalis.

          It seems that people are getting mixed up about the words. some say if the words are religious then its Ok.

          But I wanted to know if the words are romantic is that prohibited ? if so why? What has Allah miyaa-n got against music?