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Have U Packed Your Bags?!

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    Have U Packed Your Bags?!

    When we pack our bags to go visit far away living friends, we remember to pack our clothes, shoes, bathroom necessities and other little things ....

    Since we could understand right from wrong, we have started packing our bags and will finish when our souls leave us.

    Have you packed your prayer everyday?
    Have you packed your fasting?
    Have you packed your reading and memorizing the Quran?
    Have you packed those little things we do and get reward (ajr) for?
    Have you?

    Our bags are called life.

    We have to pack everyday because we don't know when Allah will call us back to him, so we have to be ready to go all the time, any where.

    And on the way up to Allah, you don't get any U-turns so that you could go back and get the things you forgot to pack.

    So start packing if you
    already haven't and prepare your
    Bags for your trip to Allah

    There is a mystic thread of life
    So dearly wreath'd with mine alone,
    That Destiny's relentless knife
    At once must sever both, or none.

    Alhamdulilah, Very nice, I like this a lot


      Very nice...

      We oughta be Changez like, don't we?


        good one..



          All is the Beloved and the lover is a veil
          The Beloved is alive and the lover is dead (RUMI)