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I met a new white canadian convert today!!

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  • MyStiCaL_MisS
    thats mashalah good, should be friends with these new muslims, cuz they have hard times after reverting.

    Here in Aus, almost everyday one person converts to Islam. mashalah good aye!

    All is the Beloved and the lover is a veil
    The Beloved is alive and the lover is dead (RUMI)

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  • AekKella
    started a topic I met a new white canadian convert today!!

    I met a new white canadian convert today!!

    this was the most amazing thing ... I went to play BBALL with a couple of friends of mine and guess what I see?! I c this white guy with a huge beard playing bball...

    so I start playing and he approches me and he is like are u muslim and I am like yea and he is like I am one too.. so I am like really kewl man!

    and so then I ask him how he became a muslim... well he said that for year now he had a muslim friend who told him about Islam and slowly he started to realize ... and finally he became muslim... still amazed I asked him if his family was muslim too and to my suprize he goes no ... I only am muslim in my family ...

    man this was a great experience for me !! its amazing how Islam with all the negative biased media coverage that it gets nowadays in northamerica still attracts so many people from other countries ...

    I remember watching a documentary about religion and stuff and they said that islam is the fastes growing religon inthe world ... (not just becuase of uncontrolled population increase as some of u cynical would point out) but also becuase alot of people are converting in the America's and Africa

    this all great man ... Allahamdulilallah!!!

    To do in life is to appreciate it. To live life is to lose it. I dont know what I am saying so I will stop saying it.