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Muhammad (SAW) in Hindu Scripture

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    Muhammad (SAW) in Hindu Scripture

    Kalki Avatar (in Hinduism) & Holy Prophet (PBUH)

    Interesting development in India.

    A pamphlet containing the following was distributed at a mosque in
    Chicago: PROPHET MOHAMMED (PBUH) IN HINDUISM Pundit Vedaprakash Upadhyay, a Hindu professor, in his stunning book claims that the description of the "Avatar" found in the holy books of the Hindu religion, matches the Holy Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

    Recently in India, a fact-revealing book has been published. The Book has been the topic of discussion and gossip all over the country. If the Author of this book were a Muslim, he probably would have been
    arrested or murdered. Perhaps all copies of this book would have been confiscated. Maybe, even a ban would have been extended. A riot and violence Would have broken out against innocent Muslims and their blood would have been shed.

    Amazingly the author of this book, Pundit Vedaprakash Upadhyay,is a learned and famous Hindu professor. The book is Kalki Avatar.

    Pundit Vedaprakash Upadhyay is a Hindu Brahmin of Bengali origin. He is a research
    scholar at Allahabad University.

    After years of research, he published this book, and no less than eight pundits have endorsed and certified his points of argument as authentic.

    According to Hindu belief, the Hindu world awaits "the guide and leader", named Kalki Avatar. However, the description as given in
    the Holy Scriptures of the Hindu points only to the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) of Arabia. These are the facts verified and supported by eight other eminent pundits. What the author says is that Hindus, who are still
    anxiously awaiting the arrival of Kalki Avatar, are simply subjecting themselves to never ending pain. Because, such a great messenger has already arrived and departed from this world fourteen centuries ago. The author produces the following sound evidences from the Vedas and other holy
    books of the Hindu religion in support of his claim:

    1. In the Puranas (Hindu scriptures), it is stated that KalkiAvatar would be the last messenger of God in this world. He would be for guidance of the whole world and all human beings.

    2. According to a Hindu religion prediction the birth of Kalki Avatarwould take place in an isle, which again according to Hindu religion is Arab Region.

    3. In books of Hindus, the names of the father and the mother of Kalki Avatar are given as VISHNUBHAGAT and SUMAANI respectively. If we examine the meaning of these names we shall come to some very
    interesting conclusion: VISHNU meaning God) + BHAGAT (meaning Slave). Slave of God "DULLAH (in Arabic)is the name of Prophet's (PBUH) Father. SUMAANI(meaning peace or calmness). Aamenah (in Arabic
    means peace)is the name of Prophet's (PBUH) Mother.

    4. In the religious books of Hindus, it is mentioned that the staple food of Kalki Avatar would be dates and olives and he would be the most honest and truthful person in the region. Without any doubt the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) is acclaimed to possess these qualities.

    5. It is stated in Vedas (holy book of Hindu Religion) that the birth of Kalki Avatar would take place in an honourable clan. This perfectly fits the Quraysh where Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) belonged to.

    6. God would teach Kalki Avatar through His messenger (angel) in a cave. Allah taught Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)through His
    messenger Jibraeel(Gabriel) in a cave known as Ghaar-e-Hira.

    7. God would provide Kalki Avatar with a very speedy horse to ride and travel the whole world and the seven skies. Indication of burraq (horse)and Me'raaj (the night when Prophet [PBUH] travelled the

    8. God would provide Kalki Avatar with divine help. This was particularly proved in the Battle of Uhud. Another dazzling account
    given about Kalki Avatar was that he would be born on the 12th of a month. Whereas the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) was born on the 12th of Rabbi ul Awwal(Hijra Calendar)

    9. Kalki Avatar would be an excellent horse rider and a swordsman. The author here draws the attention of Hindus that the real days of horses and swords have gone and the present time of guns and missiles.
    So it would be foolish on the part of those who still expect Kalki Avatar, who should be an excellent rider and swordsman to come. In fact,the Divine book, the Holy Qur'an, contains qualities and signs attributed To Kalki Avatar reflecting on the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

    The author has given numerous arguments in favour of his claim that Kalki Avatar is in fact Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and those who still await the arrival of Kalki Avatar should not waste time!!!

    The Hindus of the whole world should not wait any longer for the Arrival of Kalki Avatar (the spirit) and should readily accept Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) as Kalki Avatar. There is no evidence, information or news whether the esteemed Pundit Vedaprakash Upadhyay or any of the eminent
    Eight Pundits who verified this document have converted to Islam or not.

    [This message has been edited by Ashi (edited June 03, 2001).]

    Thanks ASHI!
    I read this bout 3 years ago.... but
    thats still good for refreshing my memory.

    Mu Hu Hahahahahaha!
    "Quote the Mu,"NeverMu!"


      You're more than welcome!


        Thanx for sharing Ashi

        here's a site which i saw a few weeks ago...


          So, Muhammed is a Hindu? Interesting!!


            in fact, during emperor akbar's time some pandit wrote 'allopanishad' praising allah and claiming the akbar is an incarnation of allah. if this plot of clever pandits succeeded, u would have pictures and statues of mohammad sitting withg plenty other pictures and statues in indian houses and names like ram-mohammad (like ramkrishna) would not be uncommon. (in any case mauritius's past primeminister ramghulam was muslim.)


              Mr. Kumarakn,

              a twisted eye will always see everything twisted/distorted.

              the reason of this posting by Ashi is that even Hinduism acknowledges arrival of Muhammad PBUH. it basically shows that Hindus , Christians, Jews are all like the Ostrich who in desert storms would bury its head in the sand or a pegion when it sees a cat coming closes its eyes thinking that he is safe.

              all the religions of world are (devilish) derivations of Islam. devilish in the sense that devil (satan) urged human beings to add more/remove unwanted beliefs in religion than he was taught.

              We oughta be Changez like, don't we?


                very interesting....i guess even with this there are excuses.


                  Kalki Avatar is the tenth re-incarnation of Vishnu. If Mohammed is Kalki Avatar then he is Vishnu - A hindu!

                  Simple untwisted logic

                  So, from now on it is

                  Om Mohammeddaya Namah! But before worshipping Kalki, we need to worship Ganesh Also.


                    hey Ashi catch me on msn: [email protected] or ICQ: 37109787

                    Bcuz I don't frequent these forums and I'd like to know what else you found. I might also be able to help you.



                      P.S. to my last message.

                      Please do not include names like Ram, Vishnu or any other hindi gods with the name of Prophet (PBUH) or Allah (ONE-Almighty)!

                      Thank you very much.


                        Well, it's good to know things don't change around here.

                        But, this is a grand hoax. First, check out the website:

                        Of course, this pundit doesn't actually exist, as Allahabad University has no clue who this person is, and why he is linked with their school:

                        We have received such queries in the past too regarding the
                        same article.

                        We have tried to locate Prof. Upadhyay but in vain. we have
                        not been able to zero down on him as yet. There have been
                        people telling us that there never was anybody by that name
                        in the Hindi deptt., we can't confirm or deny anything as of yet.




                          005.085 Strongest among men in enmity to the believers wilt thou find the Jews and Pagans;

                          Don't be surprised with comments from the above.


                            A fake prof! A messed up logic!! And unbelievers are ridiculed? wah! wah! wah!!


                              "Amazingly the author of this book, Pundit Vedaprakash Upadhyay,is a learned and famous Hindu professor. The book is Kalki Avatar.

                              Pundit Vedaprakash Upadhyay is a Hindu Brahmin of Bengali origin. He is a research
                              scholar at Allahabad University."

                              I have lived in Allahabad and in Bengal, and I know that the name "Vedaprakash Upadhyay" is not of Bengali origin.

                              But maybe he has changed his name for some obscure reason. But interesting story. Probably a good faith effort to bring the Hindus and Muslims together. Lets look at the idea. There is one God and Hazrat Mohmad was his prophet. Whether first or last we leave that to Allah himself to decide. Who knows, he may change his mind and send another great soul. WE do need one , considering the sorry condition of mankind.