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adopting is prohibited

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    adopting is prohibited

    i went to this muslim youth group meeting and the women there told me that it is prohibited in Islam to adopt kids if u have the ability to give birth. Am I the only one that this rule makes no sense to?? There r poor orphans out there in need of parents and yet instead of helping out and giving the orphans a home, we have to have our own kids?? When did Islam get so selfish? And is is any of this adoption prohibition stuff actually true?

    I think you're misunderstanding. The Quran is full of commands concerning the help of orphans, in every way possible including material help. Adopting orphans is a great virtuous deed in Islam.

    here's my view:

    In Islam, refusing to give birth to your own kids, and instead adopting kids to avoid the pain of pregnancy and birth, may be disallowed.

    However, if kids are adopted for other reasons than the one mentioned above, it is clearly a virtue, a good dead.

    This means that if you're adopting kids for the intention of being good to orphans, and NOT for avoiding pregnancy, then there's nothing wrong with adopting.

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      Prophet Muhammad had an adopted son called Zayed. I think it is a good practice to adopt children if you have the capability.

      p/s : Prophet had his own children.

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        thanks for the info


          Paki princess,
          in the case of adoption , always remember;
          adoption itself is not prohibited in Islam
          you can't change sirname of child that means
          no other one else than child's biological father can give his name to that child.As you can see Hazrat Zaid was adopted by the Holy Prophet(pbuh)but he was ever called"Zaid bin Harsa" and not "Zaid bin Muhammad".


            Islam encourages taking in and looking after orphans as being a very good thing; in fact, one need only look at the actions of the Prophet (SAWS) in raising Zayed bin Al-Haritha (ra).

            However, what Islam forbids is raising an orphan as your own child, for example by telling the your that you are the natural parent, by naming the child after you, and so on. The child must be aware that you are not his/her biological parent.

            Such an 'adopted' child has different rights from a biological child, for example you, the guradian, are obliged to look after any property that the orphan may have when you take over guardianship of him/her, and to return it all to the child upon him/her maturing. Social laws are different as well, for example who the child may or may not marry is different for 'adopted' children and biological children.
            Muslims are so good at dividing that they can divide the atom. If you see two Muslims, probably they belong to 3 parties.


              point noted..thankz.


                my god i never knew this!! sorry to say i'm against what this person said is wrong. didn't god say to help the poor. and the orphans are poor so we help them by adopting them don't we? i'm totally against this! i never found anything wrong with adopting.

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