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    We all know that islam has clarified clearly what is halal and tayyib, what is harram and not allowed to eat. After many investigations many studies and many reports, I feel obliged as a muslim to give the last WARNING before it is too late and before we all die in sins and sickness and loose our present right for DHABH and real HALAL MEAT; Halal meat and food should be natural, pure, healthy wholesome fresh and the animal slaughtered directly and WITHOUT STUNNING in order to consume and the animal reared on a natural diet and healthy and without hormones and antibiotics.

    Almost all animals have been reared on unnatural diet (animal protein) or on genetically modified diet and this is called : LAHMU ALJALLALAH and is prohibited in Islam to eat the meat or eggs or to drink their milk.

    Most of our meat especially chicken come from STUNNED animals and stunning causes the death of some animals, more blood inside and less bleeding out, and chemical poisonous changes in the meat. Cruelty and stress to the animals and all these are HARAM and no muslim should consume dead animal before slaughter or blood or any meat from any animal who was not conscious to hear "BISMILLAH...ALLAHU AKBAR).

    Some muslims have been selling minced meat (in Britain) with meat of the pork mixed with it, may meat from non muslim sources, non fresh or rotton meat or meat unhealthy and unfit for human consumption, unclean and unhygienic...CHEATING is common today.
    Only last week (in Britain) 5 halal shops and one wholesaler were taken to court in North London for selling meat UNFIT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION!!!

    Before this message we could all plead ignorance, but now we have to act. Personally i dont eat meat so this does not apply to me (pheew!) but i do like my eggs and milk which was made via an animal fed on crap food. even free range eggs are not edible since the chickens could be fed on anything. i can see us going back to the middle ages where we all need to raise our own animals, if not we should entrust muslims to organise proper halal meat supply all over Britain (since this situation is known to apply here, as it may apply in europe). We are in need of, among other things, organic natural farms, islamic slaughter houses and islamic halal supermarets especially for our growing muslim children.

    Maybe us in the US are lucky. oh yeah btw..
    happy 4th of July.... Britain now has the problem
    of mad cow disease and yes the infamous
    foot and mouth. It is through imbalanced diet.
    Maybe avoiding meat all together in england
    for a short while
    would proabably be a plus for ones health

    Mu Hu Hahahahahaha!
    "Quote the Mu,"NeverMu!"


      Subhannallah, all these illnesses with the cattle might have been a sign from allah (swt) that these cattle are not fit for consumption. but, you never know it may not only in britain that the cattle are fed a crap diet, it may be done everywhere else.