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Causes That Bring About Love for the Lord of the Worlds

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    Causes That Bring About Love for the Lord of the Worlds

    Causes That Bring About Love for the Lord of the Worlds
    Abdullah bin Jarullah al-Jarullah
    From 'The Delight of Faith'


    (1) Recognizing the bounties Allah has bestowed upon His slaves. These
    bounties [are so many that they] cannot be counted or enumerated.
    [Allah says:]

    "If you count the blessings of Allah, never will you be able to count
    them." [14:34]

    Hearts naturally have love for those who do good to them. Love for a
    blessing is from the general aspects of thanking the one who has bestowed
    a bounty. It is said that thanks is with the heart, tongue and limbs.

    (2) Another cause is to have knowledge of Allah by His Names,
    Attributes and Actions. The one who knows Allah, loves Him. Whoever loves Him,
    obeys Him. Whoever obeys Allah is honored by Him. Whoever Allah honors,
    He will have him live close to Him. Whoever lives close to Him, has
    attained the glad tidings.

    (3) One of the great causes [that leads to having love of Allah] is the
    specific knowledge that comes about through pondering over the creation
    of the heavens and the earth and what Allah has created. In the Qur'an,
    there is much mention of the signs of Allah that indicate His
    Greatness, Power, Majesty, Perfection, Eminence, Compassion, Mercy, Strength,
    Subjugation and other of His beautiful Names and exalted Attributes.
    Whenever one's knowledge of Allah is strengthened, one's love for Him is
    also strengthened and one's love for obeying Him is also strengthened. He
    will then experience the pleasure of worship, whether it be in prayer,
    remembrance or other forms of worship.

    (4) Another cause that will bring about love for Allah is to act
    towards Allah with sincerity and purity while going against one's desires.
    This is a cause for Allah to bless a slave and when He blesses the slave,
    the slave loves Him.

    (5) One of the greatest causes that bring about one's love for Allah is
    increasing one's remembrance of Allah. Whenever a person loves
    something, he remembers it more often. And it is through the remembrance of
    Allah that the hearts find tranquillity. In fact, one of the signs of
    having love for Allah is the constant remembrance of Allah by one's heart
    and tongue.

    (6) One of the causes that brings about Allah's love for His slave is
    reciting the Qur'an often and pondering over its meaning, in particular
    those verses that contain Allah's Names, Attributes and Actions. Having
    fondness for that action will lead the slave to love Allah and Allah to
    love Him.

    (7) Another of the causes of love for Allah is remembering what has
    been mentioned in the Qur'an and Sunnah concerning the believers seeing
    their Lord in the Hereafter and visiting them and gathering together on
    the Day of Abundance. That will definitely bring about in a person love
    for Allah.

    Ibn Rajab, Instinshaq Naseemul-Uns min Nafahaati Riyaadil-Qudus, pp.

    "I put my trust in Allah, my Lord and your Lord! There is not a moving creature, but He has a grasp of its forelock. Verily, my Lord is on the straight path. (The truth)"


    thank you for sharing!!

    Allah the Lord of Honor and Glory, says:
    "...When someone approaches Me a hands' lengths, I approach him at arms' length;
    when someone walks towards Me, I run towards him;
    and when someone comes to Me (seeking my forgiveness) full of as many sins as the whole world contains, I meet him with an equal amount of forgiveness." [Muslim]