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prayer timings - fiqh Shafe'i or Fiqh Hanafi

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    prayer timings - fiqh Shafe'i or Fiqh Hanafi

    Who--me sent me a palm OS software that calculates the 5 prayer times for your location on this world. Now in the options it asks for Fiqh Shafe'i or Fiqh Hanafi. WHat is the difference of the two???? why should they be there in the first place????

    What no experts here to answer me this?????????????


      hopes this will help you,


      in most Prayer Schedules is shown at Noon (which is before Zawaal). Noon time, when the sun is at its highest point, is Haraam time for any Prayer. Theoretically, the sun does not go into Zawaal phase until its edges are out of the zenith line (line between the observer to the center of the sun when it is at Noon-phase). It takes about 1.5 minutes for the sun's disk come out of zenith. Additional 1 minutes must be added for a 30 miles radius consideration mentioned for Maghrib time. Thus, a minimum of 2.5 minutes must be considered as the minimum limit past Noon time for the beginning of Zuhr. Considering, that this precise theoretical definition is not mentioned in Ahadith, a little factor of safety (additional 2.5 minutes) is considered as a minimum for the beginning of Zuhr. Thus, 5 minutes are added in Noon time for Zuhr.


      is calculated for Shafei/Maliki/Hambali Fiqh (Shadow = Length + shadow @ noon), and for Hanafi Fiqh (Shadow = twice length + shadow @ noon).


      should be calculated at least as 3 minutes after sunset for the following considerations:
      1. The effects of actual humidity, temperature, and pressure in the atmosphere may cause a different refraction of sun light than assumed in calculations.
      2. In some areas there could be a downward sloping ground towards western horizon that causes a delayed sunset for an observer compared to a perfectly level ground as assumed in calculations.
      3. For major metropolitan cities, the sunset in a 30 mile radius from the point taken in calculation varies. Since the people using this schedule may live all around the city, this may delay sunset for some areas.

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