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    Goodbye :-)

    OK. I have to leave. My time on this forum has been interesting and I have made many new friends here. Other than that I can't really tell if I have served a useful purpose. Without a doubt, I have certainly learnt a lot. I have to say my thanks to all of you members here. And it has been really beneficial. Now I think that I have to take a sabbatical.

    And to totally level with everyone, I don't think I am tough enough to crack it. Religion is a complicated and cruel subject to discuss and think about. So I will leave it for the time being. Plus I am finding it somewhat difficult to discuss my other favourite topics in other forums. I don't think this is anybody elses problem - it is purely me. I personally believe that the main purpose of this forum is a place for positive and constructive discussion and interaction with others, but I don't think it's possible for me to help in this, given my strange circumstances.

    In my few days here, I tried my best to be totally objective (though admittedly biased). If I didn't serve my purpose well, I am deeply and truly sorry. If I did, then just account it to luck.

    This may seem like a total cop-out. You would be right.

    But my thanks to the moderators. They always supported me 110%.

    My fondest regards to you all and those around you. Salaam and take care.

    They shoot partypoopers, don't they?

    Salamz, So sad to hear that you are leaving. You alwayz have a very interesting approach when answering questions.


    Kindly see ur PM box too.

    ~Survival of the smartest~



      When I came back to Gupshup after 3 months I didn't even feel like opening the religion Fourm as I got real depressed and annoyed at the way civilized people conduct themselves here!!

      and Until these people don't get thier act together I will not regularaly post here!!
      Though i will post(a guys gotta do what I guys gotta do)but not like I used to!!!

      Hope you have a great time at the other fourums!!!

      When the Lion is Dead, Every Assthinks it can Kick it!!!!


        Its sad that you have to leave this forum as we lack rational thinkers over here. While others bring emotions into their explanations, you have the coolest head around here. I think the religion forum needs more of thhinkers like you. I hope you will still enlighten us with your calm and composed manner of approaching the most provocating subjects.

        Get Back to Where you Once Belonged!


          Dear friend,

          I always come with sarcastic remarks, but while encountering you I was to accept a modest way.

          Thanks and best regards.


            Thank you all for your encouraging remarks. Please consider it my right upon yourselves to remember me in times of your sincerest prayers to God. Please ask for my forgiveness and salvation, in your closest moments with the Almighty.

            I think I will stay away from forums, at least for the time being. There are a lot of things that I have to attend to in my life right now.

            Take care all.

            They shoot partypoopers, don't they?


              Aww nuts!

              *Gfq plugs her ears 'n shuts her eyes*
              'I'm not reading this'

              'kay, kay, seriously, I wish you all the best and you can't say goodbye cause you have to come back and visit at least once in a while, Alright?

              Fee AmaanAllah



                Though i've never replied, i've always read whats gone on in the religion forum, and its quite sad to see you are going like this, but you'll be back InshAllah.

                take care and be well

                Allah Hafiz

                Save Pakistan.


                  aww..okie Come back soon!! Inshallah

                  "Labaik, Allahumma Labaik, Labaik La Sharika Laka Labaik, Innal Hamda Wa N'amata Laka Wal Mulk, La Sharika Lak." "Here I am at your service, O Allah, here I am. Here I am at your service and no partners do you have. Verily All Praise and All Bounty belong to you, and Yours alone is The Sovereignty. No partners do you have."
                  22.1 . O mankind! Fear your Lord . Lo! the earthquake of the Hour ( of Doom ) is a tremendous thing .


                    Mr PP, what happened. Why such a sudden move? Is that a retreat from religion forum or Gupshup altogether.

                    I think we need some understanding-of-islam and u come handy at sometimes when we need some help so don't go and comeback after your work.


                      Thanks guys. I really appreciate it.

                      I won't say that I won't ever come back to gupshup simply because no decision can be ultimate. But I have good reason to think it may be some time. But no, I'm not interested in another different forum. I am far too loyal to this place.

                      By the way, my bro tends to come here from time to time. His interest is a bit more worldly (current affairs and economics stuff), rather than religious. So although he knows much more about religion than me, I don't think he will join the religion forum. His nick is Renaissance. I think he has already managed to upset a few people around here, especially with his views on human cloning. So do look out for him. We tend to discuss a lot of issues such as these together. So he is quite well prepared for arguments when they do occur.

                      Anyway, I will see you around soon.

                      Allah Hafiz.

                      [email protected]

                      PS: aMiGo check your PM inbox.

                      They shoot partypoopers, don't they?

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                        and the paramedic leaves?!!

                        Mr. PP, will miss you. Always had teh reference to stuff which helped out many of us in different situations.

                        Good Luck.


                          adil u are probably the nicest person here man..i dont come here often either..but do check it out time to time me sometimes if u want
                          [email protected]

                          takecare Khuda hafiz


                            Goodbye . Your time here was interesting, and perhaps better spent than some others.
                            I hope your skills will only serve you in future.


                              dolly will miss you a lot

                              **call me baby**