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BEWARE: Web Sites about Islam controlled by non-Muslims

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    BEWARE: Web Sites about Islam controlled by non-Muslims

    This was forwarded to me by someone:

    I couldn't access all these. But it's worth it to take a look. One of them is definitely a Christian site. I guess the theory is if you can't beat 'em, lie like hell about 'em. In the end the truth will prevail, insha'Allah because it is from Allah.

    Please beware of the following sites: and

    These sites were made by the Israelis (the Jews) who Intentionally propagate the wrong information about The Quran, Hadith and Islam. Please spread the information to all Muslim brothers and sisters around the world. And if you have the ability to hack sites you will do a great job.

    By forwarding this email to even one person, you're doing a great job. Remember, a sea is formed by the addition of water droplets. P.s. These are blocked by Etisalat but outside the Emirates they are accessible.

    Thank you.

    not to forget/ignore is not in Muslim hands either.
    as a proof, you can visit:

    We oughta be Changez like, don't we?