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Mohammed;s Hair

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    Mohammed;s Hair

    Can anyone substantiate this?

    On a visit to Jama Masjid in Delhi over the past winter, I was with some American collegaues. After given the tour we were asked by the Guide Anwar to come with him into a room where an elderly man, who might have been a mullah, sat. The man asked us in broken english whether we wanted to see one of a rare islamic artifacts. After we agreed and gave RS 500 to the mullah he proceeded to go in the back and returned with a Glass Jar. Within the jar, a he claimed, were three hair of Prophet Mohammed. They were red in color and quite long.

    We were all amazed that such a great historical and religious artifact hasn't been talked about in the media and was no where in the guide books.

    I want to know whether the muslims have heard of this or were we swindled by the mullah and his guide cohort. I am originally from Delhi and have never heard of such an artifact.

    a fraud....

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      There is an old saying and it goes like this:

      'They saw you coming a mile away'.

      Whatever next!


        Doesn't that upset you guys that some cleric in Jama Masjid is pimping religious artifacts as real. I guess mullahs are the same everywhere.


          Originally posted by Infoman:
          Can anyone substantiate this?

          They were red in color and quite long.
          I thought prophet (pbuh) hair were black as described in several books.

          If people are so ignorant about the facts then definitely "mullahs" will make them fool. If they can read so much info on web then why not check out these basic things and make "mullah" redundant of their jobs.


            Originally posted by khan_sahib:
            I thought prophet (pbuh) hair were black as described in several books.

            If people are so ignorant about the facts then definitely "mullahs" will make them fool. If they can read so much info on web then why not check out these basic things and make "mullah" redundant of their jobs.

            Khan Sahib, I agree with you statement. However, someone who is not of that religion and is not even of that culture is being swindled in one of the most religious places in South Asia by none other than the clerics themselves.

            Now as a non-muslim who am I to test the veracity of the cleric's claim. I did not know it to be untrue until I spoke to a colleague and then posted it here.

            Do you think the fault lies with the person who wants to witness historical legacy or by the custodian of such falacies?


              Though I am a non-muslim I can give some info on this.
              The prophet's hair is there in India but not in Jamma masjid.
              It is with hajratbal mosque in Kashmir.
              I remember reading sometime ago how it was lost recovered (I don't know when) and how "Experts" examined it and declared it to be authentic.
              I thought the whole affair kind of surrealistic.
              How can you ever be sure of a thing like that?
              Like in case of Napoleon people collected his hair over a period of time as a souvenir so you can always compare and figure out if a given strand of hair is Napoleon's.


                Infoman , fraud come in all shape, size and religion. That person might be dressed like a mullana but that does not make him one. And to answer you question. you should not judge the whole religion or all the mullanas due to that one incident. Let me give you an example, would you like us all to judge all Hindus and pandits like barbarous and killers after the babri mosque incident. NO right.


                  To be fair all religions have religious thugs...

                  Infoman u paid 500 Rupees to see Muhammad's hair, even if it is authentic what is there to see..this is funny.


                    Rani, why do people go to museums. I think they all should be laughed at. Rani you should visit me in Washington DC, You would be laughing all the time.


                      Infoman, sorry I thought u were a Muslim.

                      One thing that distinguish Islam from other religions is that there is no clergy or any other hierarchy so if people do it then it is not Islam that is corrupt but people who make it or tend to make it suitable for their needs. I have heard that there are many hair stories even in Pakistan. Ridiculous thing is that Allah says "ask me and I will provide you" but still people go to these shrines thinking that they need an intermediary. Isn't it more funny that muslims say that we are different from Hindus (who worship idols that can help themselves) and go to these dead people's (again helpless in their grave) shrine to ask for help through them. I don't know about hinduism but unlike christianity there is no middle man between God and people. The concept of Imam (leader) is completely misunderstood not only by others but muslims themselves.

                      I have learnt a little more about Islam when I came out of Pakistan so I guess I would blame the person who can read so much info on Taleban and world affairs but hesitant to read a little bit on the basics before saying something.

                      I am curious to find out the truth myself. I give you an open invition that there is a lot of material available on Islam on the internet. You shouldn't be concerned about the different sects (remember no other religion would be so democratic to allow 73 sects) of Islam. Just find the basic info as to how the life should be lead in a society and you can go into any detail if you feel confident with the basic stuff.

                      I am confident that you will find the stuff what you are looking for. I quote few verses from holy quran- the book that addresses people (not just muslims):

                      And in the alternation of Night and Day and the fact that Allah sends down Sustenance from the sky and revives therewith the earth after its death and the change of the winds are Signs for those that are wise.
                      Surah(chapter)45: Ayat(verse)5.

                      And among His Signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth and the variations in your languages and your colors: verily in that are Signs for those who know.
                      Surah(chapter)30: Ayat(verse) 22



                        This Mohammed (SAW) hair episode remind me one more thing in the same Masjid & in the same hujra (room).
                        In our childhood we use to visit Jama masjid very often say every friday especially for friday prayers. after the prayer we use to go to that room (they use to open that room for very little period. and there was a rectangle marble peice with a foot print nearly one centimeter deep.
                        (i beleive it is engraved in the marble). They use to call it the foot print of Mohammed (SAW).
                        I dont know it still exist there or not.
                        I remember once i objected on that that how a piece of marble have a foot print on it & the person stamped me with wahabi stamp. (by his tongue.)

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                        huwe kiyuN na gharq e darya

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