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Mirza Ghulam Qadiani = Imam Mahdi ?????

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    Mirza Ghulam Qadiani = Imam Mahdi ?????

    Dear Qadiani/Ahmadi Friends!

    Is it not your faith that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani is a truthful person? .... of course it is.
    Is it not your faith that Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani is the Imam Mahdi whose advent was foretold by Holy Prophet Muhammad SAAW? .... of course it is.
    Is it not your faith that Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani's are free of lies and contradictions? .... of course it is.

    Do you not have faith in the following writings of Mirza Ghulam?

    "The writings of a truthful, intelligent and clear-hearted person never contains contradictions. Yes if someone is mental and lunatic or is such a hypocrite that just to flatter he agrees thoughtlessly, his writings would without doubt become contradictory." (Sat Bachan, Roohani Khazain vol.10, p.142)

    "Any wise and mentally normal person will never contain such two different beliefs." (Izala-e-Auham, Roohani Khazain vol.3 p.220)

    "The writings of a Liar will definitely contain contradictions." (Zamima Braheen Ahmadiyya part 5, Roohani Khazain vol.21 p.275)

    Dear Qadiani/Ahmadi Friends!
    Surely you have faith in all the above things. Now we give you a chance to prove how much faith you have on Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani and to prove whether you are on the right path or not. Or is it that you have been taken for a ride? Read the following quotations of Mirza Sahib carefully, read above and below, right and left of them, and make sure that nothing has been taken out of context.
    "And the reason for the name 'Mahdi' as has been narrated, is this that he will not take knowledge from scholars and will get guidance from God, just as the way God had given guidance to his Prophet Muhammad SAAW, he had taken knowledge and guidance from God only." (Najm-ul-Huda, Roohani Khazain vol.14 p.90)
    "Thus, the coming person was named Mahdi, and there is this hint in it that that coming person will get religious knowledge from God, and will not be a student of any teacher in Quran and Hadith. Thus I say it on OATH that this state is my state. No one can prove that I have studied even a chapter of Quran or Hadith or Tafseer from any human or have been a student of any Mufassir (Commentator of Quran) or Muhaddith (Expert of Hadith). Thus this the Mahdi-hood which I have attained on the pattern of Muhammadi prophethood." (Ayam-us-Sulh, Roohani Khazain vol.14 p.394)

    But on the other hand, he said:
    "In childhood, my education was done in this manner that when I was 6,7 years old, a persian-speaking teacher was appointed for me who taught me Holy Quran and some persian books and the name of this teacher was Fazal Ilahi. And when my age was about 10 years, then an Arabic teacher was appointed for my education whose name was Fazal Ahmad ... when I reached 17 or 18 years of age, I had the opportunity of recieving education from another Molvi Sahib, his name was Gul Ali Shah." (Kitab ul Bariyah, Roohani Khazain vol.13 p.180-181)
    "I do not claim that I am that Mahdi who is according to (words of Hadith) 'from the son of Fatima and from my progeny' etc." (Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya V, Roohani Khazain vol.21 p.356)
    "We admit this that several Mahdis may have come before and possibly will come in future as well and probably someone by the name of Imam Muhammad may also appear." (Roohani Khazain vol.3 p.379)
    Dear Qadiani/Ahmadi friends!! Does these writings not prove the lies and contradictions of Mirza Ghulam? Can a Liar be Imam Mahdi AS? Would you still insist that Mirza Ghulam Qadiani Sahib is Imam Mahdi?


    When Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, founder of Ahmadiyya Movement claimed to be the Promised Messiah and Mehdi, he was reminded about the return of Hazrat Isa ibne Maryam (Jesus Christ) from Heavens. According to Muslim faith, Hazrat Isa (Jesus) will descend from Heavens in Damascus and alongwith Imam Mahdi will work for the propagation of Islam. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad denied the truthfulness of such Muslim faith.
    Mirza Ghulam Ahmad rejected the fundamental Muslim doctrine of Second coming of Hazrat Isa ibne Maryam. Rather he said that Hazrat Isa has died his natural death and even located his grave in Khanyar Street, Srinagar, Kashmir. Mirza Sahib wrote a book "Jesus in India" where he gave a detailed account of what had actually happened at the Cross. According to him Jesus was put to the Cross by the Jews on Friday; Jesus fainted and jews thought that He is dead. He was buried but three days later He regained conciousness and came out of the grave. He was 33 years old at that time. He met His disciples and secretly migrated to India. where he died at the age of 120 years. Let us have a look at the following extracts from this book :

    "Hence, I shall prove in this book that Jesus (Peace be upon him) did not die on the Cross either did he go up to the Heavens nor it should ever be hoped that he will return to the earth from the Heavens; rather, he died at the age of 120 years in Srinagar in Kashmir, and his grave is in the Khanyar Region of Srinagar." (Maseeh Hindustan Mein, Roohani Khazain vol.15 p. 14)
    "Authentic narrations of Hadith prove that our Holy Prophet (pbuh) said that Maseeh lived upto the age of 120 years. And this is ACCEPTED by ALL THE SECTS of ISLAM that in the person of Jesus two such qualities were combined which were not present in any other Prophet. Firstly, that HE LIVED HIS FULL LIFE i.e. he was alive for 125 years. Secondly, He toured most of the parts of the world . . . . . now it is obvious if he had ascended to Heavens at the age of only 33 years, then the Tradition of 125 years would not have been correct, neither he could have toured at such a young age of 33. These Traditions are not only mentioned in the authentic and ancient books of Hadith, but they are so popular among all the sects of Muslims that none can be imagined more famous." (Maseeh Hindustan Mein {Messiah in India}, Roohani Khazain vol.15 pp. 55-56)
    Christian Era (AD) begins with the birth of Hazrat Isa ibne Maryam (Jesus) in 1 AD. Hazrat Isa according to Mirza Sahib died at the age of 120 years, meaning 120 AD. Now let us examine the following extract from "Anjam-e-Atham" written by Mirza Sahib:

    "The Holy Quran clearly says that the Masih was lifted to the heavens after his death. Therefore his descent is symbolic and not real. And in the verse 'Falamma Tawaffeteni' it has been clearly manifested that death of Hazrat Isa (pbuh) has already taken place. Because the meaning of the verse is that the Christians will go astray after the death of Hazrat Isa (pbuh) and not during his lifetime. So if we assume that Hazrat Isa (pbuh) is not yet dead, then we will have to agree that the Christians are not yet digressed, and this is absolutely false. Rather the verse is saying that the Christians remained faithful only until the life-time of Hazrat Isa (pbuh). From this it becomes known that corruption had already begun during the time of Disciples. If the period of the Disciples had been such that the Christians had still been on right path, then in this verse Allah would not have linked it with the life-time of Hazrat Isa(pbuh) only, but would have included the life time of the Disciples as well. Thus at this juncture a very good point of the period of corruption in Christianity is illustrated and
    which is that IN TRUTH, during the time of the Disciples itself, the seeds of SHIRK (associating partner with God) were sown in Christianity. (Anjam-e-Atham, Roohani Khazain vol.11 p.321)

    Mirza Saheb gives prove from Hadith that Hazrat Isa died at the age of 125.
    The Christians were on right path only during the life time of Hazrat Isa.
    He was not made God or son of God during his life time.
    Seeds of SHIRK (Trinity) were sown after the death of Hazrat Isa. Till the life time of Hazrat Isa there is no possibility of such a digression. Mirza Ghulam is quoting the verse "Falamma Tawaffeteni" (5:117) from Quran implying that Allah is guaranteeing protection of such corruption during the life of Hazrat Isa only.
    Since Mirza Sahib has stated in his book "Jesus in India" that Hazrat Isa died in 120 AD, therefore sowing the seeds of Association of Partners with Allah (i.e. Trinity) could not have take place before 120 AD. This means that Hazrat Isa was made God and son of God only after 120 A.D. Before 120 A.D. not even one man can have this faith that Hazrat Isa is God or son of God.
    Thus the year of 120 A.D. became a turning point.
    Now let us examine some extracts from Another book of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, Chashma-e-Masihi (Roohani Khazain volume 20):

    "All the bad things were introduced in this religion (Christianity) by Paul. Hazrat Isa was such an unselfish person that He did not even want anyone to call him a pious man but Paul made him God."(Chashma-e-Maseehi, Roohani Khazain vol.20 p.375)
    "And in the very first instance, he (Paul) implanted the bad seedling of Trinity in Damascus. And this Pauline Trinity started from Damascus. It is towards this that Hadith Shareef has hinted that the future Maseeh will descend on the eastern side of Damascus." (Chashma-e-Maseehi, Roohani Khazain vol.20 p.377)
    In this book, Chasma-e-Masihi, Mirza Sahib has clearly stated that St. Paul was responsible for the doctrine of Holy Trinity and thus turning Hazrat Isa into God. It is a well known fact that St. Paul died in 64 AD or 67 AD. 'The 100' gives the year of his death as 64 AD. Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics says:

    "That he suffered martyrdom at Rome there can be no doubt. . . . the date will lie between
    A.D. 64 and 67, most probably nearer the former than the later limit." (Encyclopedia vol.9 p. 694)

    In the book "Jesus in India" Mirza Sahib proved that Hazrat Isa died in 120 AD.
    In the book "Anjam -e-Atham" , Mirza Sahib has clearly stated that the seeds of Trinity were not sown until 120 A.D.
    In the book "Anjam -e-Atham" , Mirza Sahib has clearly said that St. Paul made Hazrat Isa God.
    Paul died in 64 or 65 A.D. where as Hazrat Isa died in 120 A.D. Therefore Paul died at least 55 years before Hazrat Isa.
    Since Paul must have given the doctrine of Trinity during his life time, this means that Hazrat Isa was made God at least 55 years before His own death. In other words by 65 A.D. Hazrat Isa was made God/Son of God while he died 55 years later in 120 A.D.
    While he (Jesus) was alive in Kashmir, he was being worshipped as God in Palestine.
    Thus Mirza Sahib's commentary on Holy Quran's verse 5:117 (Falamma Tawaffetenni) in his book "Anjam-e-Atham" that Christians made Hazrat Isa God after the death of Hazrat Isa in 120 A.D. becomes absolutely wrong.
    Is this a small mistake for a man claiming to have been divinely ordained to be a Messiah, a Mahdi and a Prophet? Such grevious error? So obviously and utterly wrong! So conclusively wrong!
    If Mirza Sahib were alive and this question had been put to him, could he have said: "I am a human being and I can make mistakes". Mirza Sahib had claimed help of Allah in these arguments. Can Allah be wrong? No! only the claim of Mirza Sahib is wrong. If he can be wrong in one thing, what proof is there that he is not wrong in other things. The idea of this whole exercise of trying to prove that Hazrat Isa (pbuh) is dead was to establish his claim of being the Promised Messiah and Mahdi. His argument is that since Hazrat Isa is dead he will not return, because it is against the principals of Allah. Someone else will take up the role of Hazrat Isa and that someone is Mirza Saheb himself. Above arguments prove conclusively that he (Mirza Ghulam) could not sustain his claim of being Imam Mahdi and the Promised Messiah. Therefore he is not Imam Mahdi and the Promised Messiah. As a corollary he is not a Prophet, because a true Prophet will not make a false claim. Q.E.D.


    It is written by Qadianis in Tafseer of Quran Majeed that Hazrat Isa kept a careful watch over his followers as long as he was alive. Did he really keep a careful watch as long as he was alive specially in Palestine and Rome were Paul made him God and son of God? According to Mirza Sahib, Hazrat Isa at the age of 33 was put on the Cross after which he fled Palestine for good. HE SECRETLY MIGRATED TO INDIA and remained alive for 87 more years and died at the age of 120 in Srinagar, Kashmir. He kept no contact with the people of Palestine for these 87 years. People in Palestine did not know that Hazrat Isa was alive in Kashmir and Hazrat Isa did not know that the people in Palestine had begun to worship him as God and son of God. Therefore in the original land where he was sent as Messenger (Palestine) and where he was made God/son of God, he kept careful watch only till the age of 33 and for the remaining 87 years of his life he kept no watch over them at all. What a glaring mistake!

    Remember: All this is Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani's assertions and we have only his words for them. WILL THE QADIANIS, HIS Followers, KINDLY CLARIFY THE ABOVE POINTS OR RECTIFY THEIR BELIEF?

    we've been through this stuff a million times


      I think there is already 3 threads open on Mirza Shaib//Qadiani's beleive. I suggest you must read them all and also the ones discussed in this forum before.


        Freedom of religion is, what islam teaches us. I have no problems with Ahamadis. Just don't call your self Muslims. Because that you are not.


          Originally posted by TAZZ:
          don't call your self Muslims. Because that you are not.
          Really....since when you become God to decide who is muslim or who is not. Do we need to do special thing to be a called muslim???

          Please provide me some proff from Quran or Sunnah that you or any muslim has right to declare other non-muslim.

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            Please refer to this thread,