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Masjid e Zarrar---are all mosques not like masjid e zarrar?

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    Masjid e Zarrar---are all mosques not like masjid e zarrar?

    In Qura'an it is written that MOhammad(PBUH) was asked to lead and pray in masjid e zarrar. Wahee revealed that the only reason mosque was built was to create prejudice(inteshaar)against muslims and that Moahmmad(PBUH) should destroy masjid e zarrar. And so it was done...
    Nowadays all the mosques in the world are practicing prejudice against each other. Are they not similar to Masjid e zarrar? Shouldn't all mosques be demolished even in KAABA people have more than one Imams to lead the Namaz at the same time? Please enlighten me ? Should all the mosques not be demolished as Quran orders i, especially when they all discriminate against their own brethren in ISlam?


    I think masjid-zarrar was built conspirating against Prophet PBUH ... i think conspiracy was to somehow kill him.

    And also, I think in Quran, Allah SWT command PROPHET PBUH for destruction. AND. only THE Mosque whose foundation is on mischief basis.

    Yes, there are several masajids in Pakistan (Karachi) which are built mischeivously... for example, someone grabbed land of his opponent, now he knows that he will have to return the land by law, he starts building mosque so that his opponent won't be able to get land for his personal use. sometimes just to grab GOVERNMENT land... etc

    We oughta be Changez like, don't we?