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I think we need a...

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    I think we need a...


    That means that there will be no 'sect-related' discussion in this forum. For a more thorough explanation you can read this.

    Thanks very very very much. Now, I understand what was the reason of that policy earlier. Some people want to learn something but the debates were not going anywehre.


      yeh !! we really do need another one


        Yeah.......U R right there

        Thats why I have stopped posting any threads.

        If you wanna talk about basics of your religion
        You will get long cut and pastes from different websites
        some fellas will give u a whole lecture to prove their sect right

        I try to avoid using cut n paste methods but I am labelled as having no knowledge of Islam(i don't claim it anyway) by some people as I don't copy Aayahs or Ahadits with exact contexts from different websites.

        We are here to share our beliefs and ideas, not to curse or convert each other.

        Sometimes I really lost my patience when my simple questions were answered very badly. Sometimes a very straight forward plain question would be answered by long articles full of jargon and hard words.

        Every body has right to practice their beliefs but brothers try to
        ......Explain them......
        and not to
        ......Enforce them........