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conversion and nikkah ceremony

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    conversion and nikkah ceremony

    What is the process to convert (revert) back to islam
    What is said?
    Who performs it?
    Can it be done at home?
    Does it have to done with an immam
    Does anyone know of an imam in toronto area that performs a conversion to islam and

    Can you perform the conversion and nikkhah ceremony together at the same sitting?

    reason non muslim guy marrying a muslim girl.
    any links or information on how this is done as well is greatly appreciated.
    thank you

    As far as I know all one has to do to become a muslim is to say “Ash-hadu alla ilaaha illallah, Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammad-ar-rasool ullaah”. According to some people you should have witnesses and others say you don’t. After you make the declaration you should take bath and pray two prayer cycles.

    This site might help
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      Undoubtedly this is a love marriage... nonetheless
      Amber if i may... What is his religion and
      ethinicity? Was he musllim before?
      Im just curious.

      Mu Hu Hahahahahaha!
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        yes u do need molvi for that ...and yes i u can convert and get married at the same time... but doent it sound like...jaldee jaldee ka kam
        Life became all Gray! But NOW i have decided to paint it all over again.

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          Ascription to Islam actually implies to ascribe to the beliefs that Islam wants us to hold. Thus, all those who truly ascribe to the articles of Islamic faith are Muslims. As far as the recitation of the Shahadah (i.e. ‘I declare that there is no god besides the God [Allah] and Mohammed is God’s messenger’) is concerned, it is primarily the declaration of one’s faith, for the basic purpose of being recognized as a Muslim in one’s social environment.

          In my opinion, therefore, a person becomes a Muslim as soon as one believes in and ascribes to the articles of Islamic faith. However, because such belief and ascription is primarily something internal to a person, therefore, to be recognized as a Muslim by other people living in the society, one should also declare his/her faith in the words given above [not necessarily in the Arabic language]. The use of an Imam is not compulsory.

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            Amber i am NOT saying this is the case but..To become a real Muslim don't you have to accept Islam from heart? and not just so u could marry someone? and it is one's job to make sure about this before getting married to a non muslim. Some non Muslim could do it out of luv but not really accept Islam from heart and not know the depth and details about it.

            waisay Subhan Allah..Always makes me real HAPPY to hear about someone's conversion to Islam and the thought of how much SAWAB the person who got the non Muslim to do it would be getting.

            Good Luck


              thanks all for you the info--it was helpful
              PK- i hear you wrt the heart