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Marriege within onse own cast,tribe....???

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    Marriege within onse own cast,tribe....???

    Marriage in Akfa'

    Akfa' is the plural of kuf' which means an equal or one alike. For
    example, the Arabs are the akfa' of the Arabs and the Quraish are
    the akfa' of the Quraish. Thus the people of the one tribe or one
    family would be akfa' among themselves, and people of one race
    would be akfa' among themselves. There is nothing in the Qur'an or
    in the Tradition to show that a marriage relation can only be
    established among the akfa'. It is quite a different thing that,
    generally, people should seek such relations among akfa', but
    Islam came to level all distinctions, whether social, tribal or
    racial, and therefore it does not limit the marriage relationship
    to akfa'.

    The principle that tribes and families have no special value with
    God is clearly established: "O mankind, surely We have created you
    from a male and female, and made you tribes and families that you
    may know each other. Surely the noblest of you with Allah is the
    most dutiful of you" (49:13). The way is open for establishing all
    kinds of relationships between Muslims to whatever country or
    tribe they may belong be declaring that "the belivers are
    brethren" (49:10), and "the believers, men and women, are friends
    (auliya') of each other" (9:71). The Prophet interpreted these
    verses by saying: "The Arab has no precedence over the non-Arab,
    nor the non-Arab over the Arab, nor the white man over the black
    one, nor the black man over the white one except by excelling in

    When speaking of contracting marriage-relationships, the Qur'an
    speaks only of certain forbidden relations and then adds: "And
    lawful for you are all women besides those" (4:24). And again it
    goes so far as to allow marital relations with non-Muslims: "And
    so are the chaste from among the believing women and th chaste
    from among those who have been given the Book before you" (5:5).
    The Prophet recommended the marriage of a lady of the tribe of
    Quraish of the noblest family, his aunt's daughter, Zainab, to
    Zaid who was a liberated slave; and Bilal, a negro, was married to
    the sister of 'Abd al-Rahman ibd 'Auf. There are other examples
    of the same kind in the early history of Islam. In one tradition
    it is stated that the Prophet recommended a certain man, called
    Abu Hind, to the tribe of Bani Bayadz, to whom he stood in the
    relation of a maula (a liberated slave), and followed the
    profession of hajamah (the craft of the cupper), saying: "O Bani
    Bayadz! Give (your daughters) to Abu Hind in marriage and take in
    marriage his daughters" (AD. 12:26).

    This tradition cuts at the root of the limitation of marriage to
    akfa'; yet the jurists have insisted on it. Imam Malik, in this
    respect, differs from others, saying that Kafa'ah (equality) is
    brought about by religion, that is to say, all Muslims are alike
    or equal. The majority of the jurists require equality in four
    things-religion, freedom, descent and profession. Iman Shafi'i
    says that he could not declare a marriage outside of the akfa' to
    be illegal (haram; it is disability which is removed by the
    consent of the women and her guardians.

    Wa 'alaikumussalam,

    Abd Raheem K. Muhammad.

    Parde ilm hazaar kitaaba...kaddee apnai aap nu parya naee.." BULLEY SHAH

    Its tradgic how most muslims find it hard to accept the words of allah of intercultural or interracial marriages. lets hope our generation has stronger faith.


      Originally posted by sheba:
      Its tradgic how most muslims find it hard to accept the words of allah of intercultural or interracial marriages. lets hope our generation has stronger faith.
      we should not just hope. we should strive on our part, pray and work for others learning (promote learning) of Quran, Sunnah... the religion accepted by Allah.

      We oughta be Changez like, don't we?


        Its not always about prejudice....Most of the time, marriages are performed within one's caste/culture/ etc to ease the transition of the girl into her new home. Other than that, intra-society marriages based on prejudice are very rare these days, and are gradually phasing out. Just because majority of the marriages are within one's own close knit society doesnt automatically mean its a wrong thing.
        And if we take it to the other extreme, where we say that one should be allowed to marry whereever they want, then why not open the floodgates and argue in favor of muslims marrying non-muslims as well?


          I agree with Akif bhai where he says its not always about predjudice.

          But its not so much a matter that intra-society marriages are based on prejudice, thats not it at all. Marrying someone from the same ethnicity is not synonymous with being prejudiced towards people from other ethnic backgrounds; and i think thats an important distinction to be made.

          But, prejudice is still there when it comes to inter-racial marriages, there is no doubt about that. And I may be wrong, but more often than not, it seems to be a growing problem rather than a lessening one.