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To Members: Complaint about YOU

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    To Members: Complaint about YOU

    Err, I don't mean you specifically but you generally. So in other words, don't take offense

    But to be completely honest, i'm annoyed with some of you.

    'Tolerate patiently what the unbelievers say and part from them in a polite manner.'

    I guess that pretty much explains why.

    If you don't like what it is that someone is saying, or you don't think that what it is they're saying is right, then speak out.

    Stand up for what you believe it right, by all means, but do it in a way that is polite, courteous, and respectful.

    Islam doesn't teach us to be rude. It doesn't teach us that two wrongs make a right. Nor does it teach us to turn the other cheek in the pacifist manner. But that doesn't entitle one to *Gfq thinks to herself, why can't i figure out a way to translate this in a lil' politely!* 'bark like a dog' (oye and i do not mean that literally) you guys all know the point i'm trying to get across.

    Make your point, argue,clarify,debate if you want to. But try and keep yourself from self-righteous proclamations and statements, which only lead to discussions of i'm right and you're wrong, no i'm right and you're wrong,etc., which only lead to people taking offense, calling names, getting angry, and the like.

    If you are firm in what you believe, and you think what you believe is right, then leave it at that. Arguing will get you nowhere, namecalling will get you nowhere, sarcasm doesn't do much either. You can't force anyone to think like you do, and you have to respect that. Maybe you can't respect what it is that they believe, and thats alright, but you have to respect their right, their choice to believe whatever it is they wish to believe.

    Thats all i'm asking.