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An email I got -- any authenticity on it?

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    An email I got -- any authenticity on it?

    Don't kill me with so ans so... I am not an expert on Islamic matters but just got the following email from a friend... wondering on what you all feel about it!

    A 16 year old girl was very sick and her doctors
    could not cure her.
    During the Night of Power ( Lailat Al Kadr ) she
    cried much and eventually
    fell asleep.
    In her sleep, she saw Sayyida Zeinab (AS) who gave
    her a drink of water.
    When she woke up from her sleep, she found herself
    cured of her illness.
    She found a piece of cloth with the message that
    she should publicize what
    had happened to 13 individuals.
    This message did reach a General in the Marines
    who followed the
    instructions and distributed the message. He got
    promoted within 13
    The message also got a businessman who ignored the
    instructions, he lost
    all his wealth within 13 days.
    It also reached a laborer who followed the
    instructions,he got promoted
    and all his problems disappeared within 13 days. I
    therefore, request you
    Muslims(sisters/brothers)to publicize and
    distribute this message to 13
    individ! uals, please do not gnore it.
    Be very persuasive

    Life is a test so do your best!

    Chain-mail = fraud.
    Muslims are so good at dividing that they can divide the atom. If you see two Muslims, probably they belong to 3 parties.


      These chain letters have had absolutely no effect on calling Muslims to live a life that is practically in keeping with the teachings of the Qur’an and the Sunnah. They have only added to the already existing set of dogmas of the Muslims. I would not worry about it at all.

      They shoot partypoopers, don't they?


        I get dozens of them and I think it's pathetic when people use religion to circulate chain mails.

        I would rather prefer reading a joke than these kind of emails.



          Was it sent on Friday the 13th by someone called Jason!

          Send it back to the sender 13 times and see if they don't accuse you of Spamming.