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    I have just recieved this private e-mail from AMY, who is an imposter on our Forum.

    Please Moderator, do not edit this message as I would like to let all our fellow Muslims know what we are dealing with.

    From: "Amanda Davies" <[email protected]>

    sholey or whatever the **** you call yourself, listen mother ****er:

    If you wanna discuss a topic, we'll discuss that but if you are gonna make personnal remarks or smart ass comments, you can go and **** yourself or better yet **** your mother, you stupid moron. I have seen plenty of garbage like you. You learnt religion from a mullah who ****ed you in the bathroom of a mosque, you ****in' monkey.
    Have a good day *******.

    Sholay says:

    I was right all along and damn it feels good worming out another enemy of Islam.

    I told you all to watch this space and the Truth has got the better of Amy.

    She has actually shown her true colours and cracked under the pressure, but don't despair people, as I will keep you all posted on further e-mails from her.

    Feel free to comment and like I said before, 'just watch this space'.

    A leopard will never change it's spots.

    Keep it Up!

    Don't duplicate the same post.