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Inferiority Complex

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    Inferiority Complex

    Allah (swt) says in Surah Fater (English Meaning):

    " He who seeks the Izzah (prestige), dignity, glory and honor, let him know that Izzah belongs to Allah"

    In Surah Munafiqoon (English Meaning):

    "And the Izzah is to Allah, His Messenger and the Believers, but the Munafiqoon ( Hypocrites ) do nor know or believe in this"

    It is very clear that Allah (swt) tells us that there is only one source for our Izzah (prestige). Only by following Allah's orders we can get this Izzah. No one else can give us this Izzah. Within this context, it was reported that Umar bin Al-Khataab said:

    "We are people who get honored by Islam, if we seek the honor through any other thing, then Allah will humiliate us."

    Keeping this in the minds and believing firmly that Islam is the Deen revealed from Allah, and believing in what Allah said in Surah Saff (English Meaning):

    "He is the One who sent His Messenger with the guidance and the Religion of the Truth, so that His deen will dominate above all other ways of lives"

    If we had this in our minds and hearts, there is no way we would feel inferior at all. Simply because Islam is the Superior Deen since it came from the Sovereign, the Creator, Allah (swt). The Sahabah believed in this and as a result they never developed a defeated mentality nor did they have an inferiority complex. When the delegates of the Prophet (pbuh) met the Roman, Persian Emperors and other Kings and rulers, they carried the Message to them without such feelings. Within few years, Muslims controlled most of Asia and Africa. Of course, we must keep in mind that they never sought national sovereignty. Also, their objective was not to secure jobs for their citizens nor to exploite the other people. Their only objective was to save the people and get them out of the darkness they lived in to the light of Islam.

    When the Crusader wars occured, Muslims were defeated in the battlefield, but, they never felt inferior. At the end, Muslims were not only able to kick the Crusaders out, but also started their mission of carrying Islam to the world, including Europe itself. When Europe saw this happening, they realized that Muslims cannot be defeated in the battlefield as long as they believed in Islam. Thus a new well-studied and planned campaign was initiated by the Europeans. This time using different weapons and a different approach. The ideological invasion and missionary invasion started, attacking Muslims intellectually and Ideologically. Secret associations were established in the Muslim lands and many individuals were recruited. Soon Muslims no longer had the trust in Islam. Now they started carrying many wrong ideas such as nationalism. Muslims started looking up to the western culture. Muslims now became overwhelmed and stunned by the industrial revolution and the western culture. Muslims started feeling inferior for the first time.

    I will bring you two recent examples: In the ISNA Convention, Muslims prayed in the park with men and women praying next to each other in two separate sections. They did not pray with men in the front row and women in the back rows. The way Muslims kept it since the days of the Prophet (saaw). Sunnah of Prophet (saaw) did not mean anything to those who prepared the set up. There is one reason for this: the inferiority complex. They are thinking that the guests will not like seeing women praying behind men. They were thinking that this may give a wrong message to the non-Muslims attending; the wrong message being that we do not honor women by having them behind men. What organizer are missing is the trust in presenting Islam as-is. In this case, having women in the back rows is an honor for women. The Prophet (pbuh) said that the best rows of women are the back rows. Furthermore, it is this Social System and Ibadah of Islam which honored women. While the western way of life humiliated the woman, exploited her and changing her to a sex object. Now claiming that Islam permits this set up in some cases such as in the Hajj, or claming that it was not possible to have the normal set up is nonsense. This method is transmitted to us generation by generation. it is well known all over the world.

    Another example is that many Muslims claim that "Islam and Democracy are compatible and complementary". Do you know what does the word complementary mean? Websterís Dictionary gives the following two meanings:

    "Something that fills up, completes, or makes perfect." The other meaning is:

    "Mutually supplying each other's back."

    Allah (swt) says: "Today I completed for you your deen" and Amercian Muslim Council says otherwise. Who do we believe? Why do we have to say this? Don't we believe that Islam can by itself prove its correctness? We must believe that Islam does not need cosmetic surgery. Democracy failed in solving man's problems and after all, it is a man made system. While Islam proved that it solves man's problems and after all, it is from Allah (swt). How can we think that Islam is missing some parts? Astaghfer ul-Allah.

    One may ask what is the cause for this? Briefly speaking, due to many factors which I mentioned, some of them earlier in this khutbah, Muslims fell in the trap of defense. We no longer study Islam from its sources, nor do we accept for the text (the Qur'an and the Sunnah) to lead us. Now we study Islam based on the Orientalistís views. We think that we have to get rid of any opinion attacked by the Orientalists. We no longer talk about the Penal code in Islam the way it should be. We started thinking that these punishments are irrelevant and they can be changed. We no longer talk about Jihad as a mean through which Islam was carried to the others. We no longer see that War complements Diplomacy and both together constitute Jihad. We no longer say this. We claim that Jihad is limited to a defensive case or claiming that Jihad is the inner struggle for virtue. We say this for no reason but to avoid the Orientalist attack as someone put it clearly once.

    What is the solution?

    It is simple and easy: Just study Islam as-is and believe that Islam as-is can solve our problems. Feel the Izzah (prestige) no matter how weak we are. Believe that no one can grant us the Izzah nor we should beg the Izzah from others. Otherwise, as Umar put it, we will be humiliated. May Allah save us from the humiliation.

    Parde ilm hazaar kitaaba...kaddee apnai aap nu parya naee.." BULLEY SHAH


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