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A Wazifa for making mind Brilliant(Roshan) works

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    A Wazifa for making mind Brilliant(Roshan) works

    Here is a Wazifa to make your brain work and sharpen your memory, very easy to do

    The "Wazifa" is given below.

    "Allahu Rabbi La Shareeka Lahu."

    Read this wazifa every day 834 times in state of wudu, sitting towards Qibla shareef at any time in the day. Keep doing this every day till you get success. you may read it further as many time as possible in a day.

    It is taken from

    the best wazifa to sharpen your memory is to start learning small verses from Quran

    and the best wazifa over all is the prayer (salat/namaz).

    there is nothing better than these, though even the name of Allah is full of blessing.

    taweez/ganDay are all foolish ways to get previlages from Allah.
    zameen tumhara kuch nahin bigar sakhtee, ger aasman say taluq pukhta ho....


      Shaks said.....
      "The one who keeps his mouth shut is the one who is more wise, because as soon as he speaks everybody finds out that he is a foolis"
      The Wazifa I wrote above is not from Granth or Gita but it is from Quran.
      And conditions for a wazifa to be successful are
      you should eat Hala Rizq, earn from allowed sources....
      No wazifa works if you don't pray five times a day......
      and plenty of more rules.

      Wazifas are just something from Quran which has been put in a specific order by Auliyas who know its spiritual effects.

      Namaz itself is a big Wazifa. Why do we read a specific number of Rakats in each namaz, why not different, why specific times for each Namaz, whats the difference between a Namz at home and at the mosque.
      Plenty of spiritual facts behind them


        tell me something...did nebody in the prophets era used it proven by sunnah...also ..who figured out the number in that???


          brother Wasir may be it was not a good idea to put the wazifa on this forum...becoz i think without IJAAZAT a person should not do any wazaaif.

          Unless you had ijaaazat from your pir o murshid put it on here...

          also ppl should be spoken to according to the level of their knowledge..i have realised that on a public forum such as this it is best not to post on matters relating to tassawuf...

          ps r u coming on Sunday to the Manchester Jaloos? Hazrat Mufakkir e Islam will be there