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    Originally posted by Paki Khans:
    From what i know...The part of ur body with Tatoo on it will not directly enter Jannah..It hurts ur body when ur getting it and ur body is Allah's Amanat so u shouldn't get anything that would be perminent and was not given to you by Allah. Hurting ur body in anyway is not right such as writing someone's name on ur hand with a knife and other things like that. I guess same reason Muslims are not allowed to donate their eyes, heart or any such organ after they die as they are to return to Allah as they were born and what they were born with. However, giving blood and kidney is sawab and is ok. I would recommend that u ask a Molvi before getting it.
    hmm...Okay I dont understand how a Tatoo, would prevent me entering heaven? Isnt the soul, that enters heaven? and the body left on earth? I was told that the body, would only rise @ judgement day. Even then how can a tatoo be an interference?

    If a tatoo does not hurt too much when a person is getting it would that be okay?

    A tatoo is only skin deep, it is never permanent, over time it starts fading, and depending on the ink that was used ($$) it can also disappear. Nowadays it can be removed by laser, if necessary so it not tecniaclly permanent. There is also ways to get it on a certain layer of skin, so overtimes it just fades out. Would that be okay? A Henna Tatoo is the same way except the skin obsorbs it to a certain layer and then it fades away when the skin sheds....(not sure of the process)


    Even though I wouldn't get a Tattoo myself, nor would I encourage any others to get it but I still disagree with what is stated above.

    Those who have a problem will Tattoos, explain the nose/ear piercing of woman, isn't it also hurting the human body. Or those who put on Mahandi/Hina on a regular basis! Isn't that just forms of Tattoo?
    I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.
    - Robert McCloskey