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Supplications for pain and illness

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    Supplications for pain and illness

    If a person complains about a pain in a part of his body, he should put his hand over the part which is hurting and say,

    "Bismillaah" THREE times meaning: in the name of Allaah

    he should also say the following SEVEN times,
    A`uuthubillaahi wa qudratihi min sharri maa ajidu
    wa uh~aaz~ir
    "I seek refuge in Allaah and His power from the evil that I
    have experience and what I fear"
    (Recorded by Muslim)

    When saying an incantation for the ill person, one should say:
    Bismillaahi arqiika min kulli shayin yu'thiika
    min sharri kulli nafsin
    aw `ayni h~aasidin Allaahu yashfiika
    bismillaahi arqiik

    In the name of Allaah do I make incantation over you
    from everything that harms you, from the harm of every soul
    or envious evil eye. May Allaah cure you.
    In the name of Allaah I make incantation over you.
    (Recorded in Muslim)