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Religion and Its Evolution

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    Religion and Its Evolution

    After studying many religions, not just reading about them but also practicing them here is something to ponder. To all of you from me.

    Hinduism when first created was a way of life. During 500BC hindu preists started taking over the way of life and exploited relegion as a CASTE system. Till now there are 4 classes and in them are also other social classes according to the wealth and stature of the person. During its evolution there were lot of fights and genocides and murders but nothing stopped class system and preisthood to take over the WAY of life. Not disregarding other offshoots of Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, etc, etc...Now ask a HIndu what is Hnduism ..Due to Western influence my man will say "Ah HINDUISM is nothing but a way of life." But evolution of religion brings it to the end of the circle i.e. a way of life. Why is HInduism Different? Cos It was created with the simplicity of mind to ADAPT and not to exploit. Their edas are master pieces. Al so explicit about how to live, greed will conquer minds and brother will kill brother, sex ix all what most people girls and guys alike, think of, etc, etc...

    But Human mind thirsts for power, hungers for greed, and where else but in preisthood is where you are at the highest level not oly to exploit other humns but also GOD(s).

    Mosses created and brought ten commandments.NOw Jews fought many wars not only with non believers but also with their own people. They too now are in the same " WAY of LIfe," mode. All orthodox jews curse
    each other cos one is not as rich and curse other modern jews in their own (HOUSE of GOD)Temples.

    Isn't christianity the same way?
    NAme the sects in christianity, tey al are against each other. in a smalltown in the south of the usa, they have atleat 400 churches and others are still evolving, some denominatinal, some non-denominational. ALL in the name of JEsus. Guess what catholics are stll fighting with protestants in IRELAND. each on claiming their way is right and tey will go to heaven. and no one else dare think of it.BAptists in the USA are trying to SAVE people and promising them gardens of heaven and place right next to JESUS. You re-live your faith and salvation is eminent.
    They fought with lutherans, they call mormons non christians, they putdown Jehovah's witnesses as non christians.

    Now ISLAM
    Being the most modern religion influenced by Judaism and Christianity. The whole Quran summarizes the incidents of their acestors like in old testament and new testament. Moses, Jesus, Isaac, Abraham. Everyone of them from old testament and new are present in QURAN.

    There is no place for polytheism(worshipping more than one god).

    NOw taliban, before tatHaree paggrree wala, before that Ismailees, Ahmadis, SHias ans SUNIS. But noentheless all will agree QURAN never claimed any SECT. Infact QURAN said in surah BAQRA, if one has a danger of beng discriminated in a mosque, Burn it. like MASJID -e-ZARRAR.
    Think for a second.

    ISlam is the BABY religion, yes it was here before ADAM and eve was born but physically it started 40 years after mohammads birth. It is still evolving. Yes mohammad gave All arabs"WAY of life".
    Anbd now we are all in diffeent sects and each one forgetting same way as hindus, jews, christians forgot what religion was actually offering.

    Wgy is there any religion?
    Cos It was created with the simplicity of mind to ADAPT and not to exploit. Their Vedas are master pieces.Old Testament(torah) is out of this world. Bible even after getting jerked around for so many centuries makes one nod his/her hand in agreement. And ofcourse Quran the un matchable. Yet interpreted in so many thousand ways that it is hard to imagine.
    All divin boks so explicit about how to live, greed will conquer minds and brother will kill brother, sex is all what most people girls and guys alike, think of, etc, etc...

    But Human mind thirsts for power, hungers for greed, and where else but in preisthood is where you are at the highest level not oly to exploit other humns but also GOD(s).
    Hindus Saeen BAbas and his oranizers, Jews RAbbis and their suporters, Budhist DALI Lama and his monks, Christians POpe and his fathers and sisters and brothers, last but not least ISlams KHalifahs, IMams, and MUllahs.

    THese preisthood has always been the downfall of eery religion. Muslims are seeing it too, just like every relgion. NAd ISlam too will evolve back with full 360 degrees as a "way of LIFE"

    only one point to ponder...
    We all are followers of only one relegion.i.e Christianity. HOW so?
    we speak their evolved language..English..we watch movies created by them or make ours in the same fashion. Only Christians have the best IDea. Dont capture peoples hearts CAPTURE their MINDS rest is fully assured.
    namastay, shalom, god speed, salam and adios.90% of the world want to wear their clothes, and adapt their ways. tell me if I am wrong.wat all the religions have failed to conquer christianity did it thorugh, printers, then railroads then elcetricity, then cars, planes, then raidos, then TV, then HAm radios, telephones and finally through computers.
    this is how we have evolved.
    we will fight cos the one who captured pur minds wants us to. we will fight among ourselves cos they want us to. We will forget about ourselves cos they want us too. one thing ata time through IMF and UNO they took garlic and ginger and basmati rice from INDIA and PAKISTAN. USA owns it. ONe thing t a time they are taking the best brains form every country lke the inventor of atom bomb from germany. they promise them high pays and good life. We can't win with them no one can.cos they do what they say. and they also do what they dont.

    cogito ergo sum... "I think therefore I am..." & "I am therefore I think"

    Dude I am lost!



      and this is supposed to make sense?

      Persist in jihad in the cause of Allah, with your money, your souls, and your tongue.
      (Imam Ali)


        what does not make sense? wee are you two lost?

        the insignificance of fighting and name calling each other's sects in the name of religion or the importance of christianity so much inside our hearts and minds that we don't even know anymore WHO WE REALLY ARE.
        calling oneself muslim and talking about jihad, but not knowing a word of arabic? Or speaking in english and feeling proud of oneself cos we really don't want to admit, it is CHRISTIAN HERITAGE WE ALL LIVE BY? Saying salam(may PEACE be upon you) but ready to fight?lol, lol, lol. I still enjoyed your comments.

        cogito ergo sum... "I think therefore I am..." & "I am therefore I think"




          Some of the comments u make are valid, concerning the lifestyle we live, the language we speak etc.

          However, if you've studied and practiced other faiths, you will no doubt realize that the Qur'aan came and confirmed what had come before it in the Injeel, Torah and Zaboor etc.

          TAWHEED - The Oneness of God.

          Furthermore, you will also be aware of the Prophecies in the Parsi Scriptures, The Zoroastrianiam Scriptures, The Hindu Scriptures, The Bible, The Prophecy of Adam, The Prophecy of Enoch, The Torah and the last Prophecy of Moses amongst others.

          Can you please enlighten us further on the prophecies, so that we may ponder over this New Baby Religion Islam.


            Mr Philosopher.

            you are watching movies, you are listening to English songs, you are talking english, walking english, eating english but its not about christianity. English-England.... does it click? whatever media we are seeing, whatever luxuries we are "enjoying", whatever developments we are seeing is not part of any religion... its evolving a "religion" in its own, by telling you when to wake up, when to go to school, when to go to work, how "independent" you are. leaving you with no time to think about religion, you own very origin. stripping you of all your beleifs. this industrialization of nations is leading NATIONS towards no religion. very soon, people will be acing like robots, all (most) of them will have electronic schedulers synchronised with some central database reminding (telling) them what to do next, with very little time left for them to think on their own.... forgetting basics of religion, thus you will see a lot more division in religions or stubbornness in people in sticking to their sect (because they won't have time to think so they will stick to beleifs of their forefathers or priests).

            Islam didn't start 40 years after Mohammed's PBUH birth. It started from Adam AH, but was completed when Mohammed PBUH departed from this world. All the (ilhaami) religions like Jewish, Christianity, Islam have very same teachings but its the people who twisted the teachings by their own interpretations. Islam as we know it now, was completed with Quran which has not gone under any change from human being (however its interpretations are subject to controversies). Islam with Christianity and Jewish, teaches the very basic lesson GOD is ONE, and HE is the ONE who CREATED the entire universe and all creatures are to follow his commands.

            who is driving all this?
            finance and media, for sure, are under Judaism control. they want to drive people out of their religion, because its their beleif that no body can convert to judaism, you can be a jew only if you are born one. jew follow the modified judaism more strictly than Muslims, Christian, or Hindus. they are dosing everyone with "freedom" for everyone. you will see how instrumental IMF and WB are in enforcing their policies. you will see judaism control in US policies. US claims to be the leader in HR, but when it comes to a fight or disput involving Muslims, US will always be against Muslims whoever be at fault. Take Kosovo, take Chehchnya, take Palesstine........................................ ............

            PS: Moses didn't create the commandments, he was given those commandments on Mount TOOR by GOD.

            We oughta be Changez like, don't we?

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              Hmmm my point is simple. Look all around you. Assess your ownselves. British English yes, Why not Saudi ARABIC?
              How many of us who are muslims have actually worried about the following?
              I can change my name and I can change my geography but can I change my nature?
              English came from LATIN and GREEK and adopted by CLERGY of ENGLAND. Now you only here QUEEN of ENGLAD. but who is she? she is the same way as your KING FAHD (khadim e hermain sherfain) QUEEN is the keeper of CHRISTANITY. YES tey simply avoid that because the the modern sleepy world will wake up if they started
              1...Learn ARABIC
              2...Understand ARABIC
              4...Feel proud of understanding QURAn as it is suposed to be understood.
              5...We know thomas hardy, we know shakespeare, we know KEATS, and FROST, and SHERLOCK HOLMES, do we know JIBRAN? KHYAAM?
              We know bill clinton and Micjael jordan Iam ot extremists and I am not agianst christianity either. But by god someone needs to wake up and smell the coffee.

              Jews control media, true. Jews never killed that many muslims as have christians in the entire history of earth or matter o fact, chriatians have brought more destruction and deaths to this world than any two relgions combined. Muslims HAte JEWS why? cos they took over ISREAL? Quran says clearly that MECCA is your QIBLA, why you think mohammad is stupid? he foresaw this hatred towards jews by muslims if he kept baitulmaqdas QIBLA for MUSLIMS, so to avoid any hatred towards mankind HE DENOUNCED BAITULMAQAS as QIBLA. KABAA is QIBLA. NO but MUSLIMS want to hate jews and fight over that piece of property. by using whose weapons?
              JEWS? nope by using CHRISTIAN MADE WEAPONS.
              We all simply HATE, we hate jews, we hate sunis shias, ahmadis, wahabis,and deep down in our hearts we hate ourselves. wonder why?

              cogito ergo sum... "I think therefore I am..." & "I am therefore I think"




                No disrespect, but you may deep down hate yourself.

                I surely do not hate myself and Allah SWTA is my witness. 'We are the best of all creation'.

                I love myself for Allah SWTA, but not as much as I love Allah SWTA. Allah SWTA created us for one purpose only and that is to worship Allah SWTA. If I hated myself, I would indeed ultimately dislike the creator for creating. THIS CAN AND WILL NEVER EVER HAPPEN.

                Just because I live in a Kufr state does not mean I have taken on their identity and turned into a minor muslim in any degree. I hope we are rewarded more for actually living in this state and strenghtening our faith despite all the temptations. We still turn to the way which Allah SWTA has ordained for us.

                We are examples to the Kufars. That is why they hate us so much!


                  In reply to Prophecies

                  Why on earth will someone worry about future and what it holds for anyone? Prophecies are mere speculation that may or may not come true regardless of which belief they come from. On one hand every major religion calls magic and fortune teling work of devil and on the other hand all PREIST in every majore or minor religon tend to base all there salvation on PROPHECIES. You tell me where one should draw there line. All religions tell the same thing" GOD helps those who helps themselves"

                  In reply to SHOLA

                  Shola remember we all measure others in our own scales. When we lie to others we think we believe others lie too . May be I was too harsh when I said we hate each other but the way these arguments always BASH ISlamic sects and HINDUS and others made me wonder that.

                  cogito ergo sum... "I think therefore I am..." & "I am therefore I think"