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Event Review: Review of 6th Annual International Naat Conference, Manchester.

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    Event Review: Review of 6th Annual International Naat Conference, Manchester.

    Assalamu alaykum!
    This event took place on the 26th of June last Saturday. It began at 7 pm and lasted until 6 am the following morning well after the Fajr prayer. The amazing thing is that the mosque was JAM PACKED throughout the night. VP Mosque is the biggest mosque in Manchester and both floors were totally jam-packed with lovers of the Prophet (sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam).

    The mosque was only half full at the start but by 9 pm there was no standing room hardly! There were well over 2000 people there at a minimun I estimate. (And because of the extension work being carried out to increase the size of the mosque even further there were no purdah facilities because of the work going on and so women were not able to attend. Otherwise it would have been twice as many people. Some ppl had to pray outside I think cos of the numbers! Allahu Akbar!

    The mosque was decorated and bookstalls also were present outside in the courtyard.

    The evening began with a beautiful recitation of the Qur'an by a great Qari from Multan in Pakistan. After this, local naat-khwaans from the UK began to recite poems in honour of Allah's Messenger sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam in beautiful ways. The audience was enraptured till after isha by them. But this was only the 'starter'! The main courses were still to come!

    After isha prayers the audience were lucky to be able to attend a speech by one of the best scholars of Islam in the world, and probably the best debater [best at manazara], Manazir e Islam Hadrat Mawlana Saeed Ahmad As'ad Kazmi (may Allah increase his life) who gave a brilliant speech on milad. Because of his ill health he left afterwards as he had to attend another event the next day!

    Then Qari Sayyid Sadaqat Ali Shah, who has won many international awards for his Qur'an recitation, recited Surah Rahman and the audience was enthralled. Subhan Allah. You should get his audio tapes!

    Then the main course started: the international naat khans invited from Pakistan specially for this event.

    Some of the ones whose names I can remember and who really had the audience in raptures were the following.

    1. A young boy from Rawalpindi I think of about 13/14. His name I cant recall but he had an angelic voice. Subhan Allah. Brilliant. May Allah give him a long life.

    2. Hafiz Sardar Sahib from Faisalabad (?)
    Absolutely amazing. For my money the best performance of the night! Recited naats for over an hour and it was just astonishing the control and styles he used. Must have made at least a thousand pounds just from the money the enraptured audience threw over him!

    3. Hafiz Haji Kusovaali. This amazing man is blind from birth but has become a hafiz of the Qur'an and his Creator has endowed him with a very powerful voice too. Another amazing performance of na'at.

    4. The chief naat-khaan ,from Karachi, Haji Muhammad Yusuf Memon. I had heard a lot about him but had never heard him before and by this time it was about 3.30 am! I was very tired but when he started all my tiredness vanished. He has a unique style of singing naats. His talking voice is VERY soft, almost effeminate, and he speaks Urdu in the classical style of UP but when he recites--Allahu Akbar! He was deservedly the main guest naat-khwaan. However due to the time he only recited for about 40 minutes cos of Fajr.

    After that I left but the programme continued till after Fajr and 4 people won tickets to Umrah and one to Hajj!

    Food was available throughout the night.

    Those of you who missed it missed a great and spiritually purifying eve/night but the good news for you is that PTV was there and recorded the whole event so those of you who have The Pakistani Channel on Satellite will be able to watch it.

    Also video tapes of the event should be available by this friday from The Book Centre, Wilmslow Road. I urge you all to get it.

    Subhan Allah!

    Assalatu wa assalamu alayka Ya Sayyidi Ya Rasul Allah wa alaa aalihi wa ashaabihi wa baarik wa sallam.