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zabiha vs non-zabiha..or is it dabiha?

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    zabiha vs non-zabiha..or is it dabiha?

    An interesting article regarding Zabiha ... please read it completely.

    salam to all,

    jazak'Allahu khairan. But remember, the definiton of halal. all the animals which are halal are herbivorous (vegetarian animals), none of the animals which is halal eats meat or blood etc. If you go and find out, you'll come to know what chickens and cows are fed to produce more meat. It is really a very ugly scenario, that the cow (beef) and chicken available in market today (especially in US) are fed dead animals, intestines and other unused parts of slaughtered animals.

    no wonder that american society is seeing so much homosexuality. if males start consuming meat of an animal who was dozed "extra" female hormones to generate more milk whats going to happen.

    listen to Hamza Yousuf and you will learn a lot.
    just to make your time ugly and unpleasant, visit the site:

    please don't hate me, spread the word of wisdom... watch and use organic meat and produce.

    We oughta be Changez like, don't we?


      yes i remeber reading that if a chicken eats worms/animal should not be eaten until it has been observed to be on a strictly vegetarian diet for 40 days..... but this rule does not apply to fishes.....