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muslim ummah's crisis

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    muslim ummah's crisis

    salam to all,

    where do we stand today? very widely divided, not as an ummah anymore.

    how do we handle problems faced by Muslims all over the world? just ignore and be busy in minting money and real estate, keep dancing and singing and fight for HUMAN RIGHTS, Women's rights (as defined by west), press independence (as defined by west) and dress as we desire.

    where did the religion go? restricted to mosques, madressahs and ulemas

    what should we do if India attacks Pakistan? seek America's help

    what should we do if Israel kills Palestinians or attacks on Syria/Egypt/Lebanon or other countries?
    Seek American help

    what should we do if our economy is down? seek American help to fight poverty and secure loans from IMF and World Bank

    what should we do if a politician has been charged for corruption? seek World (mainly US) opinion and if they don't agree then the politician should be retried.... or do research a few years later

    what should we do if an aalim has been killed? kill other innocent people, ransack their properties and act like you are the law!

    what if mosques are deserted? don't care, keep enjoying... work harder to secure more money, if you can't work hard then seek "smart" ways to mint money in your same position
    have I reflected part of our attitude towards life yet???

    Please help me doing that. but how to solve???

    We oughta be Changez like, don't we?

    What you wrote had some wisdom. what can i say? it is said seeing all this crap happening all around us. if it happened during or just after the time of the prophet(pbuh) we would have kicked ass.
    It is by the help of ignorant muslims and the western colonialism which stripped us of our beliefs and identity. our families (maybe not all) have not given us the solid knowledge of islam that we need to know, which will eliminate our need to cry to the non muslims for help. if we cant help ourselves as an ummah NOONE will, and we shouldnt expect them to.
    We have to return to seeking knowledge on our beautiful religion and live our lives according to it. that way we can be a stronger ummah, living by the rules and depend on ourselves.