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Loving Ahlu-Lbait IS A MUST.. Without exaggerating..!

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    Loving Ahlu-Lbait IS A MUST.. Without exaggerating..!

    Loving Ahlu-Lbait IS A MUST.. Without exaggerating..!

    I start with the name of Allah. I praise Allah and thank Him for the blessings of Islam.

    I humbly ask Allah to raise the rank of our Prophet, Muhammad, and his kind Al and Companions and to protect his nation from that which he fears for them.

    Brothers & Sisters, itís doubtless that one must love and respect Ahlu-lbait of Rasulullah. They are blessed by the most beloved and best Prophets, Muhammad. But exaggerating in matters is a disliked matter and sometimes may be unlawful. All Ahlus-Sunnah wal Jama^ah respect the Prophet and his Kind Al and prioritize them in rank. May Allah grant us the Blessings of the Prophet and his kind Al.

    I pray to Allah to grant us the proper intention, the ability to understand, and the reward in the Hereafter.

    <<>> Learning the Obligatory Knowledge of the Religion puts the Muslim on the road for excellence and self-betterment. Acquire The Islamic Knowledge Before You Discuss Religion!!

    Ahmad/Islamic Studies

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    Ahmad G
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    Dear Brother n Sisters, Loving Ahlu-Lbait is most definately without any doubt a MUST. May Allah fill our hearts with LOVE FOR THE HOLY PROPHET MUHAMMAD (SALLAL LAAHU ALAIHI WASALLAM) n Ahlu-Lbait.