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Is religous Respect for Muslims Too much to ASK??

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    Is religous Respect for Muslims Too much to ASK??
    All ppl. are not cut out to be religous.That freedom itself is guarantee for all that there is NO COMPULSION IN RELIGION!
    But why do ppl.cant extend minimium, ,meaning just few sacred names dear & senitive to muslims are not spared in the name of FREEDOM.What freedom will be stifled if ppl. dont bring allah & mohommed ,Nabi dragged in dance & movies???

    Mumbai Muslims up in arms against Daler

    (Mumbai, May 7)

    THE CHERUBIC Sardar, Daler Mehndi in his trademark Maharaja outfits is at the centre of a religious storm again. Last year, his own community objected to a video showing little boys in turbans, with beards penciled on their chins. Purists said this was a mockery of the Sikh tradition. He withdrew the number. Now Mumbai’s Muslims have threatened to take the matter to court and to the streets, not necessarily in that order.

    The Raza Academy has accused the pasha of Punjabi pop of blaspheming Islam in his new album Nabi Buba Nabi.

    Said general secretary of the Academy Mohammed Saeed Noori, “Nabi in Urdu means Prophet. There is mention of Nabi Ali Nabi Ali in the album leading to the feeling that Hazrat Mohammed Ali is being referred to. For Muslims the world over no-one can ever become Nabi. Hazrat Ali is the leader of all saints and calling him ‘Nabi’ is blasphemy.”

    Noori also has a grouse about the visuals of the music video. “Semi-clad women are dancing to vulgar steps to these words. Even though unintentional, it has caused a feeling of grave hurt and offended the sensibilities of the community,” he says.

    The Mumbai Police is not taking the threat lightly. Police Commissioner M N Singh has personally intervened in the matter to call a meeting of both sides. “We will decide on the further course of action after we get them to sit across the table together and thrash out the issue,”' Singh told the Hindustan Times.

    But the Raza Academy is not obliging. “There is nothing to discuss. We want the album to be pulled out. Period,” said Noori.

    Producers of the album Universal Music India have not so far added to the war of words. Siddharth Chitnis of the marketing department and Dilip Sodhi from production merely said, “No, we don't want to comment on this.” Nor is Mehndi jumping into the fray with his on-screen exuberance.

    The Raza Academy, meanwhile, has lodged a formal complaint with Union Information & Broadcasting Minister Sushma Swaraj about the ‘wishy-washy attitude’ of Mumbai police.

    It is ironical that all this is happening to the wholesome and fun-oriented Bole Ta Ra Ra Ra star, darling of children.

    In fact, when his Dardi Rab Rab… topped the charts three years ago, a balm company is rumoured to have offered big money to get him to endorse their product. Mehndi is supposed to have refused then. Now he seems to be rubbing certain people the wrong way.

    didnt nusrat fateh sing songs like these?
    anyone disrespecting our prophet or got should be crucified.


      not that i'm disagreeing with you but in the same token, shouldnt there be respect for ISLAM in the political arena and at the masjid and other places where ISLAM is tossed around to win support from the masses...


        Originally posted by sheba:
        didnt nusrat fateh sing songs like these?
        anyone disrespecting our prophet or got should be crucified. to tell us which ones??

        I don't want to achieve immortality through my work... I want to achieve it through not dying.