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    Birth Control

    Is pre-fertilisation birth control allowed in Islam?

    A muslim economist was talking about the population problems in Paksitan. He said that the Quranic verse which condemns the killing of children for fear of starvation is misinterpreted. Preventing birth before fertilization is allowed (e.g. using condoms).

    If the verse is interpreted in the way done by the people, than a woman, who marries at the age of 30, is guilty of killing the children she would have produced had she married 15 years ago.

    In this way, birth control methods are OK.

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    I heard a talk once where they were saying that birth control which alters the body, i.e. Pill etc isn't allowed but allowances could be made for condoms as they don't alter the body in any way. I'm not an expert so don't quote me.


      this is so funny i forgot to laugh

      and how is the pill supposed to alter a woman's body Cooldude

      kyoon those women who take the pill grow horns on their heads, a tail on their backs and two wings on the back?

      Hormonal changes arent altering the body,
      hormonal changes happen in a body normally too
      Sometimes the pill is taken to control hormonal changes in some women
      sometimes its taken as a contraceptive

      awain hi main body altering bala bana di hay

      and tell me an what does it mean killing a individual when there was no individual in the first place

      individual to jab banay gaa na when there will be fertilization

      seeds arent fertilized eggs
      its like I am sitting eating an apple and omigosh I just ate the seed

      damn damn me I just ate a baby apple


        All those areas and spheres of life in which man has a role to play, he is expected to be sensible and to use his mind. I do not see any reason why planning a family should be considered an exception.

        While planning to raise a family, a man and a woman should consider all the variables in their lives that may effect the life of the mother, the child as well as that of the father.

        The case of planning a family may be understood from the example of planting seeds to get the produce of land. When planning to get land’s produce effectively, a number of factors need to be considered. One must see if the land is fully prepared or not, if water supply is adequate, if good quality seeds are available and procurable, if the season is right etc etc. A person who considers all these, and a number of other factors, in planning his plantations is likely to get better quality and quantity of produce, while another person who does not consider these factors is likely to waste all his efforts and resources without any cosiderable results.

        If a person should – and must – plan sensibly for things like plantations, then it is more than obvious that planning a child – giving life to another human being – deserves much more attention and consideration on our part. Moreover, it is not just the child but also the mother whose health and other related conditions should be considered.

        In my opinion, therefore, while planning a family, a person must give serious thought to all such factors that have any importance in this decision.

        I hope this helps. In case any aspect of my answer remains unclear, please feel free to write back to me at your convenience.


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          The verse that the brother has referred to reads as under:
          • “Do not kill your children in fear of poverty. It is Us who feed you and the child as well.” (Al-An`aam 6: 151)

          The same topic has been stressed at Al-Israa 17: 31. Muslim scholars have generally based their opinion of the prohibition of birth control on these verses. Nevertheless, in my opinion, these verses are not related to birth control or planning a family.

          A close look at these verses shall show that they refer to the prohibition of killing one’s child due to the fear of poverty. Planning a family or planning the birth of a child can by no means be termed as “killing a child”. Therefore, the directive of these verses cannot and should not be extended to the prohibition of birth control or planning a family.

          They shoot partypoopers, don't they?

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            As far as I was aware, the pill (or mini pill) alters the lining of the uterus so it prevents the implantation of the embryo and inhibits ovulation.. That IS altering the human body to prevent conception.

            Anchal: Can we have a discussion like adults - without the saracasm?? Thats a good girl


              Maybe somone who has knowledge in this topic could reply


                Cooldude, I wasnt adressing an adult

                and lining of the uterus and ovulation still isnt altering the body
                there is no gene manipulation, no piercing, no removing no addition

                I can write here the entire stuff the pill does and its side effects but really like i said

                If eating an apple i swallow the seed
                you wouldnt expect me to panick, freak out and blame me for eating a baby apple

                Partypooper in regards to the 'killing your child' I again stress a child is when fertilization takes place
                before that there are only seeds
                just as there are apple seeds

                abortion involves killing life not contraceptives


                  we're talking about human life here and you're talking about baby apples? right.


                    define human life?

                    I am talking bout seeds and embryos
                    so its easier for you to distinguish bw the two

                    Seed is not a human life
                    Embryo or a fertlized egg is a human life

                    The Pill is not involved with the embryo now is it?


                      Another view that is common is any contrception that can be reversed is ok to use. Therefore, as Anchal pointed out, the pill doesn't alter the body - then it may be ok to use. Tying the tubes however may not..

                      Anyone have anything concrete on this?


                        Vasectomy (sp?) can be reversed

                        If only men werent that macho wanna bes, and expect women to do all the tashadud on her body

                        first child bearing then tying tubes or in some cases hysterectomy (sp?)


                          I heard they were developing the male pill.. what else do we have apart from that?


                            Chabi walay teekay

                            the coil thingie was used back in the seventies eighties but they had various 'accidents' and ppl stopped using it

                            The Dia something, a sponge kinda thing


                              Yay!!! Copy-and-paste time!!!!!!! Here's the ruling given by a scholar I generally follow

                              Taken from
                              During the time of the Prophet, some of his companions tried to reduce the chances of conception and pregnancy, because they did not want any more children. The Prophet was aware of that. Some referred to him while some relied on the fact that no edict was given concerning the question of preventing pregnancy. The general rule is that "everything is permissible unless pronounced otherwise." Thus, we have statements by some of the Prophet's companions such as: "We resorted to contraception at the time when the Qur'an was being revealed", and "We resorted to contraception and the Prophet was aware of that but he did not stop us." These statements are clear in their import. If the Prophet's companions had been doing something unacceptable to Islam, God would have either revealed a prohibition in the Qur'an or the Prophet would have given an order in a Hadith.

                              The fact is that the Prophet did not give such an order. Instead, when he learned from one of his companions that he resorted to contraception, the Prophet said clearly that no method of contraception would stop the creation of a child, should God will that the child be born. As such, no method of contraception can stop God's will being fulfilled.

                              The method of contraception which was known at that time was coitus interruptus. Modern methods are equally permissible, provided that they are safe and they prevent conception. Sterilization of either the man or the woman is not permissible except when it is made absolutely necessary for medical reasons. Thus, if doctors determine that any pregnancy is likely to present a serious risk to the life of the mother, then sterilization may be approved. But each case must be considered separately on its own merits.

                              What I have said so far applies at the individual level only. A national policy of family planning which aims to reduce the population is unacceptable because it is likely to have serious repercussion on the health of the nation as a whole.
                              Muslims are so good at dividing that they can divide the atom. If you see two Muslims, probably they belong to 3 parties.