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Beards & Hijabs: what do they signify?

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    Beards & Hijabs: what do they signify?


    how do people react to men/women with beards/hijabs?
    do beards/hijabs bring extra responsibility?
    and why is so much expected from them?

    May we all be forgiven for our sins, intentional or otherwise. Ameen

    What I want to know is why when a man has a full beard or a woman wears hijab they are labelled as 'religious'. What does religious mean??

    Was Prophet Muhammed 'religious'?? he had a beard..

    In fact.. [dependent upon their niyat], these people are trying to please Allah..
    maybe we should call women who don't wear hijab and men who don't grow beards (and don't pray) non-religious? Doesn't that make more sense?


      when i wore a hijab it made me realise what my aim in life should be about. it made me want to know more about islam. people look weirdly at me but to wear it takes great courage in the west, and as a muslim i owe this to Allah. some girls wear hijab without much knowledge about islam, and so carry on with life in a secular way. however those who wear and realise its true implications refrain from doing harram.
      Before i wore a hijab i never knew why men grew beards (weird i know). however when i wore my hijab i realised why they did it and admired them because it seems as if they are sacrificing for the sake of Allah. this made me realise that we had the same in common, which is sacrificing worldly desire to please Allah.
      this is not to say that those who are not sacrificing are bad - their intentions are known by Allah. what im trying to say is that beards and hijabs are discriminated against (as they are a symbol of devotion for god)and so we feel great respect for one another when we see each other as we know what great hardships we face (employment, social, etc.)because of how we look.


        For me keeping the beard is utmost effort in doing and following everything that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to do. Though it is commendable, it is neither the first step nor the most important one in doing so. I think its better to first take care of other things that are more practicaland be a better muslim.
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          Both of these are separate issues. A woman wears hijab to cover her awrah but a man doesn't keep a beard to cover his awrah.

          Remember Allah(swt) looks at your hearts.