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    Do you want to write?


    Assalamu alaykum brothers and sisters at MIT,
    My name is Yasmine Dabbous Nasser. I am a journalist, and I am going to work on the expansion of the Islamic Society of Boston's newsletter INCHALLAH. The newsletter will come to include various doors and issues, it will be four instead of two pages, it will include Arabic texts along with ones in English and will and will be distributed at ISB mosque, Al Nour mosque, Harvard, MIT, BU, etc.. during Jumua prayers.
    But neither my fellow editor Nataka Crayton (from the ISB) nor I can do it alone. We need talented writers who are willing to submit articles at least once every month or two.
    I know students are always very busy (sp. at MIT!) and many of them don't like to write, but we are ready to make things as easy as possible. Please proceed in your reading to know how:
    -Articles are short (between 100 and 400 words only).
    -Subjects are almost unlimited. The only condition is that they be related to Islam or the Muslim community. They can be general or specific. They may be informative, persuasive or informative.
    -You don't have to write an article. If you have a paper ready, that is related to the subject, you can take a few important paragraphs, add a small introduction and conclusion, and submit the article in your name.
    -Although it is ideal for us, you don't have to send articles regularly. Any time you feel like it, you're most welcome!
    -If non-native speakers are not comfortable writing in English, they can submit articles in Arabic. They will either be translated to English or published in the Arabic section.
    Do you think you can help? If the answer is yes, please send your articles to this address [email protected] and include your name and title (ie job or school, major, year).
    May ALLAH (swt) reward you for helping us, serving the Muslim community and acting according to His commands.
    Assalamu alaykum.
    Yasmine Dabbous Nasser
    ISB Media Committee.

    Just a q's, where's MIT?


      Originally posted by Girl from Quraysh:
      Just a q's, where's MIT?

      Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts

      In case anyone has problems deciphering the abbreviations heres a list
      BU- Boston University
      ISB- Islamic Society of Boston

      I hope that helps?

      Although the paper is mostly for the Boston Muslim population, I am sure the editors would appreciate any ones input.