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Knowing your spouse-to-be...

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    Knowing your spouse-to-be...

    Islam stresses that character should be given preference over looks. How can a person confirm the character of his/her spouse when he/she cannot intereact with him/her? Is it only upto the parents to decide whether the person would be suitable for their child?

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    off course not you pagal! you can chat to the intended partner as long as there's a third person (or suttin like that)..
    it's not just up to the parent, at the end of the day; you're gona live the rest of your life with the next-person, so it's up to you to do the "chaan-been".
    if you've got sister's, cousin's, friends or whatever..they might be a good form of gettin' feedback..that's if you're really shay to chat yourself.