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Women circumcision?

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    Women circumcision?

    Ali, my roommate just came back home talking about 'women circumcision' which they were debating about in his Anthropology class.

    Islam was also brought up during the debate. I was not there personally, but I have never heard about women being circumcized. How much truth is there to it ?

    some do .. but

    this topic is freaking da heck outta moi.


      Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is broad term, which includes infibulation, clitoridectomy, clitoral circumcision and piercing.

      FGM is still practiced in many parts of Africa (also in some parts of India and Egypt). It is known to be a very painful practice that sometimes leads to excessive bleeding, infection, trauma and difficulties in childbirth.

      But campaigners are finding it difficult to stamp out. A human rights group in Tanzania says the practice is on the increase in that country despite government attempts to ban it.

      The Tanzanian group is now trying to promote a compromise experiment amongst the Maasai, where the circumcision ceremony is celebrated but the actual circumcision is not carried out.

      As well as Kenya and Tanzania, female circumcision is said to be prevalent in Somalia, Sudan, Egypt, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Gambia, Mali, Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone, and Nigeria.

      Some traditionalists are adamant about the practice saying it is a custom that is part of their cultures - despite evidence about its negative and dangerous effects.

      The World Health Organization had a conference in February 1979 in Khartoum, Sudan, and unanimously condemned the mutilations as disastrous to women’s health and as indefensible on medical as well as humane grounds.



        more details here...

        aside, the topic doesnt worth a penny...


          There is a book, a true story of a girl subjected to FGM 'Do they hear you when you cry' by Fouzia ..ummmmm

          too lazy to walk to the bookshelf sorry

          there is another one 'Aman' by Aman herself DAH

          pretty horrid details


            o my God., dont even remind me of this topic

            why in religon forum? why not in some forum where i dont go ?


              Circumcision for women is haram in Islam.. However, it is practiced in many parts of the world. It has no connection to the religion.


                I can write down in detail how its done
                why its done
                the whole process

                but like blah isnt worth it


                  >> Anchal: There is a book, a true story of a girl subjected to FGM 'Do they hear you when you cry' by Fouzia ..ummmmm

                  i have read part of it, quite disturbing...
                  it's also availabe in cassette... wanna hear?

                  click ici


                    Circumcision is a practice transmitted to us through the practical perpetuation of the companions of the Prophet (pbuh) and every subsequent generation after the companions. There is complete consensus of the whole Muslim Ummah on this practice. Circumcision is thus the Sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh).

                    This is a practice, which was initiated by the prophet Ibraheem – Abraham (pbuh). Its primary reason is cleanliness. Moreover, the Prophet (pbuh) has also instituted circumcision as a symbol for the Muslims. However, this practice of the Prophet (pbuh) is only restricted to men. Women are excluded from this practice and wherever female circumcision is being practiced it is because of the culture of that region. This heinous practice is actually the reason of genital mutilation of thousands of girls through out the world every year. It seems that female circumcision was initiated primarily to curtail female sexual desire – a concept, which has no basis in Islam. However, to make it more acceptable, it is normally disguised in the cloak of religion.

                    I hope this explanation answers your question. You can always get back if you are still unclear. However, this is only my opinion in this regard and I admit any chance of mistake in forming this opinion. I would be open to other points of view if based on stronger reasons. May Allah guide us all towards the right path.

                    Amar Ellahi Lone

                    They shoot partypoopers, don't they?


                      [email protected]@j no thanks
                      the book was quite disturbing but i had to read it till the end to see how her immigration thingie worked out

                      The book Aman has a more graphical detailed explanation bout FGM


                        mr. popper, you know God has granted us one tongue and two ears, so that we talk less and listen more...

                        ok anchal, i will look into it...

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                          Okay I needed to know if female circumcision has anything to do with Islam. Obviously religion certainly has nothing to do with it.

                          Ali was also shown videos of the practice, which he said was not a pleasant sight. Why the professor mentioned Islam in the debate, is also fishy. Seems like a futile attempt at provoking one's interest and for attention-grabbing purpose.


                            >> Ghoncho: Why the professor mentioned Islam in the debate, is also fishy. Seems like a futile attempt at provoking one's interest and for attention-grabbing purpose.

                            i guess, because its practiced more in
                            ISLAMIC part of this world...


                              The link you provided is helpful and informative. What I am not too satisfied about is the fact that they continue the associate this vile practice with Islam. Is this one of the propagandas ?