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More Important Issue!!!

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    More Important Issue!!!

    Salam brothers and sisters

    I have been following this page for quite few days now. To be honest I feel sorry for the type of issues are being raised here. Every muslim knows that muslim ummah is facing more important issues than those small conflicting problems that are posted here. By the way they are not serving any purpose because people just discuss for the sake of it not to accept stronger evidences.

    Once a true islamic state will be established and we will have amir-ul-momaneen or khalifah all big and small problems will be vanished and solved and he will unite ummah again.

    so please raise the topics which are more important and which will revive Islam again and which will make us a world power!


    Aslamu alikum brother,

    thank you for your concern.

    you are quite right, I will take the advice and put in mind though I don't post much here but i do agree with you.


    Herem aik, Khuda aik, Nabi aik, Quran bhi aik
    Kya Kuch berhi baat thi, hotey agher muselmaan bhi aik :rotato:


      Brother I agree with your intention entirely however I do no agree with your statement that after the khilaafah all small and big problems will be vanished. This is being too idealistic, so I just thought I might raise it. But once again, yes you are right, the type of discussions taking place mainly focusing on the negative points of groups and sects is almost pathetic. There are more important issues to deal with.

      "None of you truly believe until you love for your brother what you love for yourself."


        Salam brother,

        It is true that when khilafah will be established problems will not vanished at once or problems will stop coming but there will be an authority to solve them according to Quran and Sunnah, rather than sick mentality of the politicians who consider west and their system as an ideal solution to muslim ummah's decline, how pathetic it is!!

        If a person call himself a muslim than he must have faith in that all the solution of this world's problem are in Quran and sunnah, for now and for ever, because it is a complete deen and will be til day of judgement. It is just matter of extracting them from the sources.


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