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On Ascription to the Salaf

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    On Ascription to the Salaf

    Don't bombard me with non-sense if you have hate for people who do not like innovations (newly created things which have no basis in Islam what-so-ever) in Islam. You are free to research the references given:

    Imaam al-Asbahaanee (d.535H) - rahimahullaah - said: "The sign of Ahlus-Sunnah is that they follow the Salafus-Saalih and abandon all that is innovated and newly introduced into the Deen."

    [Al-Hujjah fee Bayaanil Mahajjah 1/364]

    Abu Haneefah (d. 150H) (rahimahullaah) said: "Adhere to the athar (narration) and the tareeqah (way) of the Salaf (Pious Predecessors) and beware of newly invented matters for all of it is innovation"

    [Reported by As-Suyootee in Sawn al Mantaq wal-Kalaam p.32]

    lbn Taymiyyah (d.728H) - rahimahullaah - said: "There is no criticism for the one who proclaims the way (madhdhab) of the Salaf, who attaches himself to it and refers to it. Rather, it is obligatory to accept that from him by unanimous agreement (Ittifaaq) because the way (madhdhab) of the Salaf is nothing but the Truth (Haqq)."

    [Majmoo al-Fataawaa 4:149]

    Imaam adh-Dhahabee (d.748H) - rahimahullaah - said: "It is authentically related from ad-Daaraqutnee that he said: There is nothing more despised by me than 'ilmul-kalaam (innovated speech and rhetorics). I say: No person should ever enter into 'ilmul-kalaam, nor argumentation. Rather, he should be Salafee (a follower of the Salaf)."

    [Siyar 16/457]

    As-Sam'aanee (d.562H) said in al-lnsaab (3/273): "As-Salafi: this is an ascription to the Salaf and following their ways, in that which is related from them." lbn al-Atheer (d.630H) said in al-Lubaab fee Tahdheebul-lnsaab (2/162), commenting upon the previous saying of as-Sam'aanee: "And a group were known by this ascription." So the meaning is: that the term Salafi, and its ascription to them, was a matter known in the time of Imaam as-Sam'aanee, or before him.

    Pakistani Guy,

    I provide you references from Hadith and the Quran and you say "Don't bombard me with nonsense". If that's what you call nonsense then there is no point in arguing with you.

    Why open up another thread? I was waiting for you at the other one. Salafis are the 18th century innovators. They have deviated from the the Truth and Haqq which was being followed and still is.

    I think I have provided enough evidence in the other thread that refutes the beliefs of Wahabis/Salafis. Go ahead and present the facts just like I have.

    What you posted is basically saying that we should be following the way of the Salafis (early Muslims). And that is what I follow, as a non-Wahabi.

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      Mashallah this is a good one.

      I also believe that salaf'z the early generation of Islam were the true followers and guided by ALlah on the right path.

      ALhumdulillah Allah has shown me their path and I always try my best to follow the Quran and SUnnah strongLY

      Jazak Allah Kheir brother.



        Shaykh al-Albaanee - hafidhahullaah - said: "However, there are some who claim knowledge who deny this ascription, claiming that it has no foundation, saying: "It is not permissible for a Muslim to say: I am Salafi." And it is as if he is saying: "It is not permissible for me to say: l am following the Salafus-Saalih in what they were upon in 'aqeedah, worship and manners!" And there is no doubt that the likes of this denial - if that is what is meant - implies that he is disassociating himself from the correct Islaam that the Salafus-Saalih were upon ... Thus it is not permissible for a Muslim to disassociates himself from being ascribed to the Salafus-Saalih. If, however, he freed himself from any other nisbah ( ascription ), then none of the people of knowledge could accuse him of disbelief or sinfulness. However, the one who refuses calling himself with this name Salafi, then it should be seen, does he attribute himself to a particular madhhab - whether in matters of 'aqeedah or fiqh" So perhaps he will call himself an Ash'aree or a Maatareedee, or he may be from Ahlul-Hadeeth, or a Hanafee, Maalikee, Shaafi'ee or Hanbalee - from those matters which enter into the term Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jamaa'ah. Despite that fact that the one who ascribes himself to the Ash'aree madhhab, or the four well-known madhhabs, then he has ascribed himself to those who are not protected from making mistakes as individuals - even though there are from them Scholars that attain what is correct. So why O why do they not reject the likes of these ascriptions to individuals who are not protected from mistakes? However, as for the one who ascribes himself to the Salafus-Saalih collectively - then he ascribes himself to that which is protected from mistakes." [Al-Asaalah Magazine 9/87]

        Dear brother Shakir,

        I assume you only want to present your side as you call it "quran and hadith" but what if I say that most of the hadith out there supporting innovation in Islam which people do as PART OF ISLAM thinking that they will get reward for it and it is form of e-baada are fabricated, would you agree? Absolutely not, for that very reason I do not want to get in the middle of your mudslings which can only result in fights and "i am right" situation.


          Brother Pakistani Guy,

          Nobody is mudslinging here. We're are having a civilized debate.
          You said that most of the hadith supporting innovations are fabricated. Well, they aren't just any hadith. I quoted them from reliable sources as you can see, and these sources are accepted to be most accurate by ulamas.