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Saudi Arabia's Pokemon Fatwa

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    Saudi Arabia's Pokemon Fatwa


    Saudi Arabia's Pokemon Fatwa

    Saudi Arabia's Higher Committee for Scientific Research and Islamic Law recently issued a fatwa, or religious ruling, banning Pokemon games and cards, saying they have "possessed the minds" of children, promote Zionism and involve gambling.

    It said the video game and cards have symbols that include "the Star of
    David, which everyone knows is connected to international Zionism and is
    Israel's national emblem, as well as being the first symbol of the

    Whilst there may be some good in the fatwa it seems yet again that Fatwas are only reserved for these types of minor issues.

    If one is really worried about Zionism then surely the best Fatwa to issue is to say, "Peace with Israel is Haram and it constitutes an act of a Munaafiq". They could then sit back and observe how the usually silent "scholars" in Al Azhar and Jordan become vocal, as Egypt and Jordan both have full diplomatic links with Israel.

    If Saudi is really worried about the influence upon the children, then they need look no further than the penetration of Western culture in the Arab society. Only recently a Gay club in Dubai was closed down after the authorities discovered certain leaflets. However such diabolical corruption must exist for the events to be taking place in the first instance. Such acts are ridiculous not only for Muslims and non-Muslims alike but even animals!

    But there were no Fatwas or arrests taking place. Every year so many of our children are sent to these countries to acquire "Education" without us examining what type of values are being acquired as a result. No wonder Gay clubs are attempting to be established in the heart of the Islamic world. Carefully devised policies (in accordance with Quran and Sunnah) rather than gesture type Fatwas in these arenas would be far more useful to protect the minds of our children and societies.


    children die in iraq daily where is the command for jihad rather pokemon's are the real zionists because they can't fight back.
    ask do they realy care for the affairs of the ummah..

    ws salaam
    muhammed kauser
    (College lecturer)


    this fatwa just shows that minor issues are more important than the blood of muslims or the american troops in the hijaaz..