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What wrong with seeking material values?

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    What wrong with seeking material values?

    Assalam Alaikum

    If my method in acquiring material goods is Halal then I will be rewarded. The more times I do the action means the more reward I will get. So what wrong with acquiring material goods? Is a Muslim who drives a fiat a better Muslim than one who drives a Dodge Viper?

    Nowhere in the Quran or ahadees is earning money looked down upon. You are right, its a sunnat, and the more you indulge in a sunnat the right way, the more you get rewarded for it.

    What we fail to ignore however, are the telling points of our intentions. Its the small things that count. When we wish to buy a dodge viper, who do we look up to as our source? Some look up to their employer, hoping he will give them a raise so they can buy the viper. Others look up to their banks, hoping the bank will approve their $70,000 loan so they can buy the viper. Others look up to other sources. These misgivings shake up our faith. Fact is, noone but Allah SWT can make all these things happen. Sure our employer can give us a raise, but can he do it without Allahs will?
    With the proper faith and right approach, the impossible becomes possible, and its no fairy tail.

    Remember when the kuffar were searching for Prophet SAW, and Prophet SAW hid in the cave of Hira. The kuffar hired a foot print expert, who told them that someone went into the cave, and didnt come out, which was true. But Allah SWT caused a miniscule spider to spin a web at the entrance of the cave, making it seem improbable that anyone had entered it.

    Just position your faith in the right direction, and then sure, earn as much as you please.


      I'm glad you agree.

      The problem is that most of us brought up thinking that the height of our taqwa would be to sit in the mountains and stay in constant ibadaat.

      So someone who is involved in trading or talks about politics is looked down upon as this commonly referred to 'dunya'. Then there are some who get into the fruitless argument of 'needs' and 'wants' .

      These kind of ideas bring a separation in Islam and invites the idea of a clergy which is clearly unislamic. So the priest is the one who is always at the mosque and is seen to be closer to Allah(swt) and has a particular dress code and the normal human is the one on the streets running the businesses or working. So Islam is seen to be in the house and the mosque only. The solutions given to us by Islam on how to live in this life wont be applied.

      So enjoying anything that Allah(swt) has allowed us becomes Haraam or is looked down upon such as wearing good clothes (which is actually a mandoub action)or enjoying married life.

      You're right on the issue of trust in Allah(swt) by following the correct method. Whether it is buying a car or buying a house the issue is the same. We are not allowed to turn to haraam sources, so Mortgages where we have to pay interest is Haraam. So renting, interest free mortgages or raising enough money to buy a house is the only solution.

      Renting I agree is a constant worry about whether you will be able to pay it or not or when you will be asked to leave and at the end of paying so much money you still don't own anything but it stops us from making war with Allah(swt) and inshallah we should be working for that eternal house in jannah.

      The natural abode for the Muslim in this life is the khilafah were we can enjoy life by adhering to the laws of Allah(swt) and it stops Haraam from entering into our society so inshallah we can be successful in the hereafter.


        So I've not replied to this one. Well once i was typing the reply and when i was almost done, the window had an error

        I'll try to reply by tomorrow Inshallah.

        Make dua for my test !

        Lm kH
        onT iMMiTTe, iNNoVT