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khilafah the need of the time

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    khilafah the need of the time


    Juts wanted to post this message to find out what bros and sis think of khilafah and how it is the method by which we implement the whole of islam.

    The Prophet said that the khilafah (sultan which means authority) is the shade of Allah upon the earth.. the hadith is recorded in tabarani.

    So today without the khilafah we have no shade of allah upon the earth. Further our [problems are being solved by kufr man made rules rather than by the solutions offered by Allah.

    So we knwo we face great poverty yet how many of us realise tht islam has a complete economic system that can alleviate poverty. And teh economic system is more than just the western system without riba. infact it defines in detail the difference between private and public property types of ownership and company structure.

    So we face poverty in our countries yet the rulers wish to go to non islamic man made solutions rather than the ones offered by islam.

    We also see that demcoracy is rotten to teh core that it gives us leaders like nawaz sharif who abuses his power and steals from the wealth of the muslims benazir bhutto was just as bad if not worse. with her husband taking 10% off every governmental contract. Yet under the khilafah we find that both ruler and ruled r under teh sme law namely islam and that the leader cannot decide laws and rules in his benefit but has to abide by allah's laws. further if the ruler fails to implement islam and becomes corrupt then it becomes encumbent upon the ppl to remove him or to ensure him ruling by islam. Thus everyone under teh khilafah is truly equal in the eyes of the law (shariah)

    we see that teh muslims are humiliated by her enemies like india and isreal yet under the khilafah both these countries were subdued and defeated by the mighty army of teh ummah. so umar bin al khitab the second khaleefah took palestine and isreal and ensured it was brought under teh justce of islam. And india was conquered by muhammed bin qasim who waged jihad against india becus tehy dishonoured two muslim women.

    The prophet says of the khilafah thatthe imam (leader) is a shield from which we fight behind and a shield from which we defend ourselves. hadith in muslim

    today we have shield and we see teh ummah defenseless.....

    Anyways inshallah ur thoughts on khilafah and what we can do inorder to re establsh it would be grateful...may Allah reward u all here with goodness and honour us with khilafah allahuma ameen


    Abu Laith

    Brother, whenever u write the word Allah, please type the word 'A' in CAPS. thanx

    this matter of khalifa does not exist in the muslim world since a very very long time. Our Prophet pbuh also told us as he was told by Allah that the Khalifa system will come to an end by such and such time.

    Its impossible right now and we cannot do nothing about it. Lets correct our deeds first and talk about stuff we can easily do, such as going to mosque in Fajr prayer, etc.


    Lm kH
    onT iMMiTTe, iNNoVT



      Allah swt says in the quran 'whoever does not rule by what allah has revealed is a kafir' quran 5 44

      Allah swt also says 'But no by ur lord none of you have any faith until they make thee (o Muhammed) aa judge in all their matters finding in themselves no resistence and accepting them in the fullest of submission' quran 4 65

      Now in islam we haev no choice as muslims whether we want to rule by Allah's law or not. Allah says in surah nisa verse 65 that if we dont make islam a judge in all our matters then we have no faith.

      So whether it is in our personal matters we must make islam a only reference point. But what about society lets say we face a probblem with our landlord and we need to get a judgement that can be implemented then who can we go to? What if we have problems with the government and we want a judgement made then who can we go to for judgement? can we go to islam...... No we cant becus there is no complete shariah court that we can go to.... there is no islamic system that will then implement it.

      So from our own iman as an individual we must seek to make all aspects of our lives inaccordance with islam. from the way we prayer to the way we buy and sell.. from the way we fast to the way we conduct our political system all of which has to be from islam not from own minds nor from simply obeying the rulers of our lands.

      So islam must be implemented completely and comprehensively and not just partially applied in our individual lives but must be applied completley and comprehensively just like the Prophet (saw) applied islam and teh noble sahabas after him

      Truly the prophet said wa khaira fee wa fee ummati wa illa al youmul qiyamah (there is good in me and my ummah till the day of judgement)

      And we muslims always want to emulate the Prophet (saw) and his noble sahabas hence just as they applied islam completely and comprehensively from the salah to the jihad and political, economic judicial and social system. Not limiting islam only to indiviudal acts of worship but perfecting their worship by making every act that they conducted according to islam and this can only occur when we have the khilafah (islamic state).

      We similarly must do the same. so when Allah says establish the salah or when Allah (swt) says fast Allah (swt) also says and rule by them with which Allah has ruled and the rule is for none but Allah.

      SO i say the khilafah must be established as this is our obligation and we should establish it as soon as possible bi'ithnillah (by the permission of Allah)

      Finally u quoted a hadith i havent heard of such hadith but the Prophet said "Prophethood will last among you as long as Allah wishes it to last, and then Allah will raise it up. Afterwards there will be the Khilafah according to the ways of Prophethood as long as Allah wills then Allah will remove it. Afterwards there will be hereditary rule (by consent) and it will last as long as Allah wills, then Allah will raise it up. Afterwards there will be biting oppression and it will last as long as Allah wills, then Allah will raise it up. Afterwards there will be the Khilafah according to the ways of Prophethood," and then the Prophet was silent." (Ahmad ibn Hanbal in musnad).

      We have experience the khulifah rashideen which ended with Ali (ra) then we hhad the hereditory khilafah rule which were the ummayids and abbasid rule and this ended in 1924 when the khilaafah was destroyed. Now we face the period where we have oppressive rulers like parvez Mushaaraf, bashar al assad sadam hussein and the like...

      So inshallah now we await the return of the khulifah upon teh method of the Prophet like during the time of Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and Ali may Allah be pleased with them. And Inshallah we should Work tirelessly so that we see this Prophecy be fulfilled in our time


      Abu Laith


        Now in this Khalifa of yours will there be celebrations for the prophets birthday? Reading some of the other threads, that might need to be ironed out first. But do carry on!!