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Innovations- Good or Bad ?

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    Innovations- Good or Bad ?

    Praise be to Allah.

    In Ramadhan we had a scholar from Saudia Arabia , The dean of the Islamic university in Riyadh come over to our mosque for the month.

    I asked this question to him, is the Innovation which is termed as good Innovation allowed.

    His reply was, All the innovations are acts of misguidances and all lead to Hell Fire. The definition of Innovation is that, a person does something thinking he is doing good addition in religion.

    Remember my dear brothers and sisters, whoever does these kinds of innovations in religion will not get to drink from the Lake Font Kau`sr of Our Prophet Mohammed pbuh.

    People say that o the Khalifa's had started so many things. Tell them that we are supposed to follow the ways and Sunnah's of Prophet pbuh and his Khulafa-e-Rashideen'z Sunnah. We are not supposed to add more by ourselves to that. If we get the proof of something they did, we should do that and vice versa.

    To be Contd.. (I'll bring evidences INshallah and this is just the introduction of something i wanted to start telling you. )


    Lm kH
    onT iMMiTTe, iNNoVT