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    Emerging Technologies

    Here is a discussion on 10 most emerging technologies.

    Comparative Interactomics
    By creating maps of the body’s complex molecular interactions, Trey Ideker is providing new ways to find drugs.

    James Baker designs nanoparticles to guide drugs directly into cancer cells, which could lead to far safer treatments.

    Alexander Olek has developed tests to detect cancer early by measuring its subtle DNA changes.

    Cognitive Radio
    To avoid future wireless traffic jams, Heather “Haitao” Zheng is finding ways to exploit unused radio spectrum.

    Nuclear Reprogramming
    Hoping to resolve the embryonic-stem-cell debate, Markus Grompe envisions a more ethical way to derive the cells.

    Diffusion Tensor Imaging
    Kelvin Lim is using a new brain-imaging method to understand schizophrenia.

    Universal Authentication
    Leading the development of a privacy-protecting online ID system, Scott Cantor is hoping for a safer Internet.

    Measuring the tiny forces acting on cells, Subra Suresh believes, could produce fresh understanding of diseases.

    Pervasive Wireless


    Stretchable Silicon

    Source: Technology Review

    O RLY?

    Re: Emerging Technologies

    Diffusion Tensor Imaging sounds fun
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      Re: Emerging Technologies

      so many new technologies are fascinating...but what's frightening is that they are all highly dependant are high energy sources...but most of our energy is provided by fossil sources that are going faster exhausted....
      we another major revolution:

      -in the 18th century there was the steam engine invention with the subsequent coal revolution

      -in the 19th century there was the explosion engine and the subsequent oil revolution during the 20th century

      we are now eagerly awaiting for another revolution.....
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        Re: Emerging Technologies

        teri khair hoi!
        i have a module to revise for about emerging technologies in medicine
        things like artificial organs, tissue engineering, xenotransplantation , nanotechnology, and a few more

        i just saw this and thought tht is some of wht i am doing about
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          Re: Emerging Technologies

          Nice topic and very interesting read.

          Is pervasive wireless really an 'emerging' thing? I think it's already there. Some towns have already embraced it and provide free.


            Re: Emerging Technologies

            err...most of these are biotechs.
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