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Marriage according to Islam

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    Marriage according to Islam

    Since there have been alot of questions regarding marriage, i decided to share this:

    Marriage and Divorce in Islam:

    Those who are able to shoulder the responsibilites of marriage are urged by God to get married. Marriage s entered into by a contract of offer and acceptance drawn by the mutual consent of the bridgegroom or his representatives and the gaurdian or representatives of the bride in the presenence of two witnesses. Marriage is usually contracted in a ceremonial gatherings.

    To have a valid marriage contract the bride must not be one of those whom the bridegroom is prohibited to marry on account of kinship or suckling, or a marriage relationship.

    The dowry, which must according to sunna be reasonable, belongs to the wife. The wife also has the right to get it all before marriage is consummated. However, a part of it may be deffered and paid later. In this case the deffered part becomes a debt which the wife gets upon the divorcce or upon the husban's death. In case of wife's death, the unpaid part goes to her heirs.

    In certain circumstances a man can have four wives at the same time provided he is just in dealing with them.

    While the The marriage of the muhallil (who temporarily marries a divorced wife to make it possible for her to go back to her husband) is illegal because it is temporary.

    God permits divorce in order that an end be put to hopelessly troubled marriages. Divorce, however, through God's mercy, has to be pronounced thrice in order to give the oppurtunity to each of the spouses to try to save the marriage. God has given the husband the right to divorce because he is more responsible and more considerate of the consequences. On drawing the marriage contract, however, or at any time later, the wife can be entitled by the husband to ask for divorce when she wishes. This right of the wife to divorce is called 'isma. When the wife obtains it she is said to have the 'itma in her hands. It is customary now to have the consider the three divorces pronounced at the same time as one divorce.

    Divorce may take place before and after the marriage is consummated. Should the bridgegroom pronounce the divorce once or twice before the marraige is consummated, a new contract and a new dowry is required. The reason wh marriage is savd in this case is that the rest of the divorce formulas have not been pronouned. But should the third prenouncement of divorce be made before the consummation of marriage then the bride has to marry another and have marital relations with im before going back to bridegroom. However, the bride who gets divorced before the consummation of marriage is entitled to half of dowry.

    If after the consummation of marriage the husband pronounces divorce once or twice, he still can save the marriage as long as the wife is in waiting period ('idda). But if the waiting period is over, a new contract and a new dowry are required to make the marriage lawful. The reason for enabling the husband, in this case, to save the marriage, is that the third divorce was not pronounced. But if the husband divorces three times after the
    consummation of the marriage, the nhe cannot go back to the wife except after she gets married to another, and has marital relations with him.

    No expiation is required in the case of pronouncing the divorce and in the case of going back to the wife.

    If the husband dies after he had divorced once or twice and while the wife is still in thw waiting period, she gets entitled to inherit him. She, however, then enter the waiting period which follows the death of the husband. If the wife dies in the waiting period and after she has been divorced once or twice, the husband is entitled to inherit her. If the death or either of them takes place after the waiting period, the divorce has to be considered as irrevocable, and the right inheritance is lost.

    The Quran: An Enlish Translation of the Meaning of the Quran
    Checked and Revised by: Dr. Mahmud Y. Zayid
    Assisted by: Committe of Muslim Scholars
    Approved by: The Supreme Sunni and Shii Councils of the Republic of Lebanon
    Published By: Dar Al-Choura
    Year: 1980
    "The sky is my dome and the earth is my prayer mat"
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    "Verily the ink of a scholar is more holy than the blood of a martyr"

    Re: Marriage according to Islam

    Lecture By: Shaikh : Abu Ameenah Bilal Philiphs
    Subject: Marriage in Islam
    "The sky is my dome and the earth is my prayer mat"
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    "Verily the ink of a scholar is more holy than the blood of a martyr"