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    learning islam

    I like what I know of Islam but my knowledge is very limited to what I’ve learnt from the Internet, 4-5 very basic books I’ve read which I once ordered of S-Pubs (not a site I particularly like) and what little I learnt at the Mosque (the articles of Islam and the articles of Faith and basic Arabic/Qur’aan) in after school classes when I were little.

    I want to learn it properly now just to analyse it and see what it really has to say, the Qur’an is nice and straightforward but I hardly know a thing about the Sunnah and it’s sciences so I can't really judge the religion for what it really is. I can carry on read books but everyone has their own biased views, there's the Kaafir Critics and Fundamentalist Muslims both of who I don't really have no qualms about but it's the in-between apologetic Muslim modern hypocrites who I don't understand.

    Sometimes apologetic people on here who claim to be Muslim negate parts of the Sunnah (which in theory would nullify their Islam as it doesn’t allow pick and choose) in order to defend Islam and make it appear more politically correct. What I want to know is if Islam is not good enough as it is why bother defending it or put up with the discrimination associated with being a Muslim? Surely it can’t be divine if it needs aspects of it brushing under the carpet, shouldn’t we either accept it wholly or if it's not worthy boldly reject it instead of playing pretend?

    I just want some help, don't know where about to start learning the nitty gritty about the religion, my dad always tells me keep away from the overtly religious folk and don't get into the minor (bareekiaN), they're insignificant just concentrate on being a good Muslim and pray your Namaaz and don't drink, lol, isn't the nitty gritty part of being a good Muslim? If it weren't of any significance why'd it be there??

    Re: learning islam

    isn't the nitty gritty part of being a good Muslim? If it weren't of any significance why'd it be there??
    heres one reason why it could be there. a lot of the nitty gritty such as how high you should tie your shalwar and whether or not mehndi in the beard is a good thing, a bida or middlish, and other pressuing issues such as how noble the sport of camel racing and javelin throwing is, have been incorporated into our religion when they were only cultural aspects specific to arab life 1500 years ago.

    and since your brain is the best guide there is in the absence of our infallible prophet and very, very fallible mullas, common sense would dictate that you focus on the most prominent aspects of being a good Muslim (huquq ullah and huquq ul ibad) before you go into the minutiae of whether or not wearing locks 4 inches longer than you currently do is a good thing.
    Din-e-Mullah fee sabeelillah fasad (Allama Iqbal)