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Reading Holy Qur'an with Translation

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    Reading Holy Qur'an with Translation

    Any guppy / guppan who read the Holy Qur'an with Translation, in any language? Reason to asking is that What you:

    found most amazing,
    Softened heart,
    Is an eye opener,
    Something never known before,
    Never been told, etc. etc.

    Share your views, please.

    Never explain urself to any1 The person who likes u doesn't need it &The person who dislike u won't believe it


    thats what i'm doing this Ramadan. And I'm not that religious either like most of you mashallah so i'm slow but trying to understand.

    Reason behind it is more of curiosity. I wanted to understand what i'm reading, and what i listen.

    And the biggest benefit I'm seeing is clarity. Things get so much clear specially in terms of the reasons behind different orders that we received, as to why it happened and to what extent.

    I would strongly recommend everyone to read translation. We read so many other books to understand, why not this most important one!
    Attitude is more important than facts.
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