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miracles and miracle stories

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    miracles and miracle stories

    We read of miracles in virtually every scripture. This is usually an event in which the laws of nature are defied by the power of God.
    Modern rational worldview rules out the concept of miracles. Even if an event is unusual and cannot be understood by existing laws of nature it is held that it can be eventually explained by newly discovered laws.
    Is there a solution in which these contradictory views can be reconciled?

    I think a clue to the solution is in our everyday usage of the term miracle.
    New parents sometimes look at their child and call it a miracle. Sometimes, when they have witnessed the birth of their child they describe the process as a miracle.
    People who are deeply in love have described the experience as miracle.
    These people are not describing anything supernatural but perfectly natural events.
    That is what a miracle truly is. It is a perfectly natural event that because of its specific subjectively experienced context inspires in us an an overwhelming sense of awe and wonder and makes us intuitively aware of a transcendent presence.
    The presence of God in His creation suddenly becomes transparent in all its glory.

    What we read in scriptures are miracle stories. These stories describe using symbolic language an experience that was originally experienced as a miracle by the participants.
    A supernatural event is used as a symbolic device to convey the sense of awe and wonder that was originally experienced. They are not be taken literally. That may rob them of their power.

    Let me present an example.
    The escape of Hebrews from Egyptian slavery must have been for them a momentous experience that they must have experienced with a sense of transcendent awe and wonder.
    This event was then described in the scriptures using symbolic devices like the parting of the Red sea to convey that deep sense of God's presence that was the source of that awe and wonder.
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