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    Originally posted by Mr.Popat View Post
    Heard he got arrested some time ago? anyone know the reason why?
    it was a video clip someone shared with manipulated context.
    Turn the table...
    Sun to sahi jahan main hai tera fasana kya.


      First of all I do not think Engr Mirza is Qadiyani as some people think. I think he is a Muslim who tried to simplify Islam for the youth but like Einstein said, “everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.” Engr Mirza, due to his need4speed, made Islam “simpler” than it really is.

      I personally got bitten by one of his clips which someone sent me. I’m biased toward taking quicker and easier paths. In the clip Engr Mirza said that a single rakat in witr is valid, and I loved it ! Until someone noticed my quick witr and corrected me. Later I found more such stuff which Engr Mirza had over-simplified. For example, he declared that witr, qayam-ul-lail, taraweeh, tahajjud are different names for the same thing, then it was about "transition period" before end of sahur. I used to watch his clips as he comes to the point quickly but now I don’t.