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    How should children behave when their parents (separeted) commit zina... a person I know told me that someone she knows has the problem that her parents have illegal partners and commit zina with them. Is that girl still bound to obey and respect her parents??
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    Re: zina

    Originally posted by blushing_vision:
    Is that girl still bound to obey and respect her parents??
    Well you have to obey and respect your parents even if they are disbelievers (which is considered a bigger sin than zina) then why not respect and obey your parents if they are major sinners.


      the kids can pray for their parents and certainly their prayers will surely be answered

      however parent s must be respected


        This reminds me of a verse from Surah Taubah, I have the translation here that says:

        apne baapon aur apnay bhaiyon ko dost na banao, agar woh kufr ko eeman se zyada azeez rakhain. Tum main se jo bhi inn se mohobbat karay ga woh poora gunhegar hai.

        Well, this doesn't mean you stop respecting them. Even Hazrat Muhammad used to respect non-muslims and was polite with them. It only means that never take someone's side when you know that he is wrong, because then it makes you a sinner as well, no matter if its your parents that are committing sin. Cuz there are many sins that are bigger than zinna.
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