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    Benny Hinn show

    Do you'll believe what he does? in miracles? Nearly 4.8 million Indians attended his services in Mumbai.

    MUMBAI, INDIA (BHM): Reports continue to filter in from around the world concerning Pastor Benny Hinn and three nights of healing services that attracted a total of 4.8 million people. Two million people attended on the final night of the historic series of meetings—making it the largest crowd ever assembled for a single healing service.

    "If you came to receive your miracle from the Lord tonight," Pastor Benny encouraged the multitude the first night, "you will receive it. Many of you are going to feel the presence and power of the Holy Spirit!" The huge crowd responded instantly, seeming to anticipate the rarity of the event.

    According to local officials in attendance, 4.8 million people gathered during three massive services February 13-15 at the Bandra Kurla Complex in northwest Mumbai for the event billed as "Festival of Blessings." People of all ages and backgrounds came not only from every part of India, but also from numerous other countries. Some came to hear the globally known evangelist, while others admittedly came out of curiosity to witness this historic gathering. Many reported a desire to receive answers to prayer and miracles. Over 1.3 million attended the first night's services to hear Pastor Hinn share the story of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The crowds, eager to hear messages about the saving and miracle-working power of the Holy Spirit, increased to 1.5 million by the second night, and then swelled to two million by the third and final service—making the final night's gathering the largest crowd in recorded history assembled for a healing service.

    Of particular surprise to news reporters and local observers were the vast array of noted officials, including Maharashtra Governor Mohammed Fazal and Congress MP Sunil Dutt. Among the throng were actors Dev Anand, Kiron Kher and Reena Roy, the legendary ghazal singer Jagjit Singh and his wife Chitra Singh, as well as popular television personality Shekhar Suman.

    Immense by any description, the data pouring out of the Benny Hinn meeting boggles the mind. Ground of the colossal complex, all 1.2 million square meters (nearly 13 million square feet), was cleared for the services. Organizers brought in nearly 200,000 chairs, exhausting Mumbai rental suppliers and eventually dispatching urgent requests for more chairs to neighboring areas. Technicians erected 32 giant video screens throughout the grounds. Parking for 100,000 cars was provided. Bus services came from Bandra, Sion, Kurla and Santacruz railways stations. Police and personnel from three private security agencies, along with 15,000 volunteers, helped keep things running smoothly. Surprising to many observers, especially government authorities, is the miraculous truth that not a single police report was filed during any of the services, nor any reports made of injuries sustained by the pressing crowd!

    "Who can adequately describe what God has done here in India?" Pastor Benny Hinn reported after the final service ended. "I have been in many large gatherings through the past three decades, yet there is nothing that could have prepared me for those moments when two million people raised their hands to the skies and begin shouting praises to the Lord. God worked mightily among these precious people, pouring out miracles and healings in such a massive way that I've never seen before. I believe we will only begin to understand what really happened in Mumbai when we get to heaven and have the capability there to grasp what truly transpired."

    Pastor Benny expressed his deep appreciation to the wonderfully kind people of India and its local officials for the care and concern they showed to him during his visit to their beautiful land. He also expressed his undying appreciation to his partners in the United States and around the world for helping make this crusade a possibility. He said, "My precious partners have touched the world with their generosity and love for the Gospel. I cannot thank them enough for standing with me in ministry. Only heaven will reveal all that their prayers and gifts have done to build the Kingdom of God."

    The massive crowd roared when Pastor Benny promised to return to India again next year. Ministry officials report that a 2005 crusade in India is now being planned.

    didn't have the time to read the article but our shaykh said miracles done by kaafirs is the work of the devils from amongst the jinn.


      Originally posted by pk taz:
      didn't have the time to read the article but our shaykh said miracles done by kaafirs is the work of the devils from amongst the jinn.
      I agree. The same so called miracles happens in Ajmeer Sharif also.
      Also refer to a story of a Muslim Sri Lankan Kid. Who started
      doing miracles. And one local Mullah recited Koran and he became
      normal. I hope somebody can post the relevant article.

      take care


        Nope, don't believe in it at all, actually as Muslims we believe that Allah is the only healer. I have seen his shows on TV they are fake and all dramatized. He preys on the weak and poor and lives in a lap of luxury. He reminds me of Jimmy Swaggart (late 80s).