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    today in my art history class we were discussing the lost city of Atlantis. There are a lot of theories on weather this Utopia existed or not, however scientists believe what the poets and scholars of the past are talking about is in regards to the Greek island of Thera. After uncovering many ruins, etc, they came to find that there was and ancient, thriving civilization on that island. The island was destroyed in 1628 BC in a series of natural disasters the like of which the world has never seen before or since (according to the movie we were watching). The initial volcanic eruption was so enormous its ashes spread from Greece to Iceland to China and even parts of North America. After the volcano there were several severely distructive earthquakes.

    I think earlier in the film they had mentioned something about the society becoming morally corrupt despited being a nation of peace and all that. From looking at wall paintings of the time, women walked with their breasts bare. Now I don't know if all of Allah (SWT) religions were the same before Islam, so I don't know if that is a sign of moral corruptness, etc.

    ANYHOW, the point of this whole story is that it sounds to me like this is a direct punishment from Allah (SWT) for some horrible deeds. Kinda reminds me of the story of Lut (A) and how Allah (SWT) destroyed their nation...

    I was wondering if their is any mention in the Quran or Hadeeth of a disaster like this taking place and what the circumstances were?

    Thanks in advance
    ~Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin
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    The following link is very useful

    Ive read the book, written by Harun Yahya and it discusses how previous nations perished because they disobeyed Allah swt. Its really interesting and also gives some evidence of the actual events having taken place.

    Hope it helps


      Actually, according to my theory, the city of Atlantis was actually the city of Ad, which is mentioned in the Quran...

      It is said about the city of Ad, that no nation ever was and will be as advanced as the people of Ad...Their sciences were so developed that there was little they could not achieve by the help of their science...

      One time Jibrail :as: was commanded to go and destroy a city...Hazrat Jibrail :as: being the leader of angels, had enough authority to ask Allah :swt:, that Oh Allah, why do you destroy this nation which has achieved so much? So Allah :swt: replies, for that, you'll have to go and see for yourself how far they have advanced...

      So Jibrail :as: disguised himself as a man and walked to the outskirts of the city he was to destroy and came upon a few children playing ina a field...he approached them and inquired from one of the children, where is Jibrail? The child drew some calculations in the sand with a stick and anwsered, he is one of us, and since it's not me, it must be you...So Jibrail :as: destroyed the city...(The name of the city is not given)...

      One time Hazrat Musa (as) had a pain in his teeth, so Allah (swt) told him to put a clove in his mouth which will cure it, so Hazrat Musa (as) does that and gets cured...After a whle he got the pain again, so he took the clove and put it in his teeth again, but this time, it didn't get cured...So Hazrat Musa (as) asked Allah (swt) why this happened? So Allah (swt) replied, because the first time you thought that it was I would cure your ache through the clove, second time you thought it was the clove...So your faith moved from me to the clove, so I took away its healing powers...

      So you see, the reason that I think that Atalantis was Ad, was that it is said Atlantis was an extremely advanced nation, and then their faith in Allah (swt) having been placed by their faith in science, Allah (swt) destroyed them...

      Just my view, but I hope it made a little sense...
      Focus not on who you are but what you do...


        Mr. Lajawab,

        I don't know where did you get the story you narrated but the destruction of people of Ad is clearly mentioned in Holy Quran in so many places.

        Please read Surah Hud:
        11: 51. And to Ad, WE sent their brother, Hud. He said, `O my people worship ALLAH alone. You have no God save Him. In associating other gods with Him you but forge lies;
        later in the same Surah

        11: 60. And such was `Ad. They denied the Signs of their Lord and disobeyed HIS Messengers and followed the bidding of every haughty enemy of truth.
        and in the very next verse, Allah says:
        11: 61. And they were pursued by a curse in this world, and on the Day of Resurrection. Behold ! the `Ad were ungrateful to their Lord. Behold ! destruction is decreed for `Ad, the people of Hud.
        All these verses clearly shows that Ad was destroyed only because they disobeyed a messenger of Allah and because of worshiping idols and not because that they are too much advance in scientific fields.